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Original review by Lord Griever: You know it. You loved it, hated it, and were deathly sick of it. Bespin Streets is back. Tysplo...


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Original review by Lord Griever:

You know it. You loved it, hated it, and were deathly sick of it. Bespin Streets is back. Tysplo has kindly ported ffa_bespin to JKA. And that's all it is. Just a port. No changes made, just good old Bespin Streets FFA!

And that is not necessarily a bad thing. Obviously, all the familiar areas make a return, such as the landing pad, the streets themselves, and the rectangular building. There's not all that much that can be said about this, as it is simply a port. A most welcome port, however. I find the base maps in JKA to be rather boring, and there is only five of them. The base maps in JK2 managed to stay fresh the entire year and a half I played the game. Bravo, Tysplo!

~Lord Griever~

New Textures - Yes(JK2 textures) Bot Support - Yes New Music - No

The only thing that has changed with this version is the fact the problem with Rift Sanctuary has been rectified. That's all there is too it! This has been fixed by [BLU]LCARS> but the map was not originally done by him as he clearly states in the readme.


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Download 'ffabespinupdate.zip' (3.53MB)

* FFA_Bespin Update *

I know a lot of people were having problems with the Rift Sanctuary map (the crystals map)
after installing either the original Night Bespin 2310AD map or the original FFA_Bespin map.
The issue as far as I can tell has to do with the flares textures from JK2 being imported to
JKA.  I have no idea why the Rift Sanctuary would be calling up flares from other maps, but 
when I took these maps out of my base folder the textures returned to normal.  So I took the
liberty of fixing that issue and now with this updated version of the FFA_Bespin map you should 
have the textures restored to normal on the Rift Sanctuary without any real noticeable changes 
to this map.  All credit should go to the original author, who's original readme file is 
included below.  I simply saw a bug and fixed it.

To install and correct the bug simply delete the old ffa_bespin.pk3 file from your 
GameData\base folder and extract the new ffa_bespin_update.pk3 file to the GameData\base folder.




Title : ffa_bespin
Author : Tysplo
E-Mail : [email protected]

Original Creator: Ravensoft

File Name : ffa_bespin.pk3
File Size : 3.45 MB
Date Released : 09/21/2003

Many people have been saying they wanted the ever popular ffa_bespin from Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast to be reseased once again into Jedi Knight Jedi Academy. And now for them, and for all of you who have kept your mouths shut this map has finally been converted and re-released for all the Jedi Academy players to enjoy it, just as they did in Jedi Outcast.

If you come across any problems in this map please e-mail me at [email protected]

Gametypes: FAA, TFFA.
New textures: Yes (Taken fron Jedi Outcast.)
New Shaders: Yes (Taken fron Jedi Outcast.)
Bot Support: Yes (Taken fron Jedi Outcast.)
New Music: No
New sounds: No

The new weapions in Jedi Academy are not included in this map.


Software used: PakScape
Known bugs: None
Build time: three days. (I only worked on it a little bit each day though.)

Installation instrucions: 
Extract the files to the \gamedata\base directory under your
Jedi Academy game directory. The new map well then be available
from the map selection menu the next time you run Jedi Academy.

Delete the ffa_bespin.pk3 from your Jedi Academy\gamedata\base


* Copyright / Permissions *


Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (c) 2002 LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC.
Star Wars(c) 2002 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM or (r) as indicated. trademark of Lucasarts. 
The Quake III Arena(R) is the registered trademark of id Software, Inc. 

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