What a nice idea for a map! The map is a set of floating islands, one main island with a couple of minor ones around the edge. It's like pla...


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What a nice idea for a map! The map is a set of floating islands, one main island with a couple of minor ones around the edge. It's like playing a JA version of Castles in the Sky.

The skybox is simplistic but works well, making the islands hover over the sea with the moon lighting up the map, aided by a few fires of course. The author says he's made use of the latest compiler features and I certainly noticed them, light styles for the flames and penumbra shadows cast by the moon...although this doesn't happen much in real life it sure looks fine. I also have seen this guy in the Q3Map2 forums so I know he knows his stuff about the compiler.

I love the attention to detail here, the ground is cluttered with rubble and small grass plants, where there is stone flooring it's broken up and uneven, then of course there is that beautiful miniature waterfall coming out of the rocks that look like real moss-ridden rocks.

Going down into the small and simple temple, the same simple attention to detail has been kept, shadows are clearly defined without being solid and the temple is literally cut into the island, you can see hints of solid walls in there but the majority of the room is rough stone that is part of the island, a very nice touch!

This is such a simple yet rewarding map, , perfect for small FFA's where you want multiple duels, in fact it'd work great for duel maps too, you won't fall off easily but there is always that chance!

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes


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Download 'ffaskytemplebeta.zip' (5.54MB)

ffa_skytemple beta


Map description:

Small ffa map for 4-8 players. Latest Q3map2 features like penumbra shadows, bump mapping normalmaps,
ASE autoclipped models, surfacemodels and radiosity are used in the map.



Just extract the ffa_skytemple.pk3 into your "Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base" folder.



Textures taken from PhotoRealistic Texture Pack by BerneyBoy - http://www.planetquake.com/berneyboy
and from dra_grassmoss texture pack by LowDragon

Sounds taken from Surface Sound Pack 1 - http://www.wolfensteinx.com/surface

Skybox taken from Kothic Skyboxes by Kell



Feel free to email us your comments, suggestions or bugs.

email: [email protected]


Copyright / Permissions

You may distribute this archive in any format, providing that all original files are intact.

NOTHING may be used from this pk3 without prior permission from the authors.


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