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NOTE: Please bear in mind that Gir has requested no alterations be made to these models without his expressed permission, so please ma...


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NOTE: Please bear in mind that Gir has requested no alterations be made to these models without his expressed permission, so please make sure if you want to reskin these models, or use them in a mod or anything like that, you first contact him to ask permission!

How many of you have been waiting for these models? How many of you cried when he said he wasn't going to release them? Come now, you can admit it. This pack includes two models, both Final Fantasy in origin, and both from different games. One is an all-time favorite of most: the infamous Sephiroth. The other is the quiet, introverted hero of Final Fantasy VIII, Squall Leonhart. Both even come with their own weapons, though no sounds or team support. Sounds are promised in a future version, however.

Anyway, you guys want to know about the models, don't you? Those of you who avidly watch the forums should have seen some in-progress images of both of these models. Let's start out with Sephiroth. Now I'll admit I've never seen Advent Children, but from what I remember of the production of this model it's based on the Advent Children version of Sephiroth. "But there's already an AC Sephiroth model!" you might say. I've seen pictures of AC Sephiroth -- I can say with certainty that this one is a much closer representation, not to mention the skinning is just wonderfully done. Although for being Gir's third shot at Sephiroth you'd expect him to be almost perfect. All the details are there, right down to the buckles on his jacket. There is very little clipping (if any) with the model, which is amazing given the potential of clipping with the hair and especially the jacket.

But, as with all models, it's not quite perfect. Although to be fair the only thing I found to complain about was the mouth rigging, which seems sloppily (perhaps even poorly) done. "Incomplete" would be a more appropriate term. The mouth movement rigs only the mouth, and the inside parts of the mouth seem to be missing or incomplete, so when he opens his mouth you can see through to the back of his head. To put the rigging bit into perspective, try talking without moving your jaw at all. You should see what I mean -- more than just the lips should move. Considering there are no sounds, however, there's ample time to complete that between releases, and it's not incredibly important for this release.

Now, on to Squall. Final Fantasy VIII is an underrated game, in my opinion, and I am personally tired of seeing Squall reskins of the Dante model. No offense to the model itself, but it's just not suited for a Squall reskin. This interpretation of Squall, while not entirely in line with his representation in Final Fantasy VIII cutscenes, is absolutely stunning, and I love it. It's a unique representation, which is why I like it, and it gives Squall a much more masculine look than the one he had in the game. Think of it as Squall after going to the gym a few times a week. There is a slight problem with his hair shader which unfortunately causes the edges of his hair to have a slight white outline, which is really quite unfortunate, but once again since Gir has promised future releases we can hope for a fix at that point.

I'm not going to go over the weapon models, because both are old and have been donated to the pack (you may have seen them before), and the player models are really the hilight here. Both very well done, have minimal clipping, and both sorely needed additions to the Final Fantasy model collection. Fans be sure to pick them up today!

NOTE: Please bear in mind that Gir has requested no alterations be made to these models without his expressed permission, so please make sure if you want to reskin these models, or use them in a mod or anything like that, you first contact him to ask permission!

Bot Support: Yes Team Support: No New Sounds: No NPC Support: No


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Title: Final Fantasy Pack V1.0

Modeling/Texturing: Lee Devonald "Almighty_gir", Inyri_Forge, Trauma_Sensei
sounds: none
E-Mail: mentalmanofthefuture@hotmail.com




initial release of a couple of models that have been laying on my hdd for faaaar too long! i finished both models a while ago, and decided i should release them, while working on other things, just to keep anyone who WAS interested, STILL interested.

both models are done to my own likings of the character and arent 100% accurate to the originals. i made them both in the style i wished, and with the appearance i felt suited them in my own mind. if this isnt for you, then dont use them!

i have included the Masamune, which trauma made for me a while back, and the Gunblades, that inyri made. i felt they both work well with the characters and after asking both their permissions, felt they would be good as a release together.


drop all 4 .pk3 files into your /base folder.

**other notes**

please respect my wishes, and do not edit, in any way, my work. i wish these files to only be hosted here, and that they remain "mine".

there are no sounds as of yet, ill get some in the near future, as i finish other models (look forward to vincent, cloud, and kadaj...). also note, that there are no "team colours" cos lets face it, the characters would look gay in anything other than what they are wearing.

if you wanna ask questions, leave comments, or anything else like that, come find me here:

or here:


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