Final Fantasy: The End of Time

Awright, you FF fanboys, stop your drooling. This isn't actually a Final Fantasy map. Why did the author claim it is? Hell if I know, but I...


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Awright, you FF fanboys, stop your drooling. This isn't actually a Final Fantasy map. Why did the author claim it is? Hell if I know, but I'm sure there's some copyright infringement goin' on here. >_>

OK, the basic concept of this map is a ruined post-cataclysm city. There's a few busted-up buildings, some rubble, and a lot of fires. Yes, the layout really is that simple. It's big, though. Big enough to comfortably fit a Z-95 in, provided you can handle very tight cornering.

Several elements caught my attention, but mostly for the wrong reasons.

As soon as I entered the map, I was smacked with a horribly low FPS despite having a brand new high-end Radeon. Didn't take me long to find out why, since evidence of it is dotted around the map. There's a lack of optimisation going on, most likely because of the map being so open. Texture alignment was another visual problem. There's misaligned textures all over the place, and plenty of textures which simply shouldn't have been used because they tile far too much on the large surfaces they've been assigned to. I also spotted a few cases where textures haven't been wrapped around an object properly, and even one case where a texture had been fitted to a 1:1 ratio on a surface far too small for it. So, the texturing needs work.

There isn't really a good gameflow in this map. Part of this is due to the fact that some areas are virtually intraversable, but it's mostly because the map lacks just about every single element which would define a map as functional. It's definitely one for the roleplayers, although even they'd be hard pressed to build a scenario around it.

Oh, and a little hint? The music is overkill and doesn't fit with the map at all. Next time you should pick music which works with the map, rather than annoys the hell out of everyone who hears it. One Winged Angel isn't really all that good a composition, and it definitely has no place in an FPS under any circumstance.

Still, it's not too bad a venture into the mapping world, and a good level of technique has been displayed in the creation of the map. It just needs far more work in order to really be of interest to the community as a whole.

~ Kouen

(PS: What the heck is that floating nVidia symbol doing spinning above the map? o_0 )

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Title: Final Fantasy: The End of Time
Author: Remice
Xfire: themassiah

File Name: ff_final.pk3
File Size: 15.5MB
Date Released: March 29, 2007

Information on Map: This map is NOT, and I repeat, NOT from any Final Fantasy game actually. This map was based on an idea, of a what if moment. "What if the Final Battle between Sephiroth and Cloud grew so intense that it started ripping the world apart? There sheer power splitting time and space into a ripped portion of the universe. Well, this is that."

SPECIAL THANKS: Dracolich for creating one of the buildings in the map and creating the levelshots. To Rayne for wedging the music files and to Szico who inspired me to make this map. I really loved his Midgarv3 map, but I thought Final Fantasy maps needed something more...Epic. So I created this map. I really want to thank Szico VII for creating the textures in Midgarv3 and allowing me to use a few of them in my map. Thanks again m8.


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