Final Fantasy VI Duel Music Pack

Let me start off saying you're probably not going to like any of this music unless you're a Final Fantasy VI fan. Why? Because the music is...


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Let me start off saying you're probably not going to like any of this music unless you're a Final Fantasy VI fan. Why? Because the music is presented in all its FF6 splendor - midi-sounding and all. That's just the way it is, though. This was one game I never actually completed, so I'm not entirely familiar with all the music. Some of it I recognize, like the battle music. A couple of these songs are remixes as well, so you can choose between an original version or a remix of the battle them or boss battle theme. These remixes, performed by The Black Mages, are actually quite good, so this pack might be worth checking out for those if you're not a nintendo-music kind of person. I must say, the remixed boss theme is awesome, minus the strange beginning.

Keep in mind that you can only use one of these PK3s at a time, since they're all duel music and they all conflict with each other. So if you're an avid Final Fantasy VI fan check 'em out. If you're not, you may want to check them out anyway if you're into that kind of music style.


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-----READ ME-------

Since the Begining of time, Man has asked, why on earth do people keep posting Final Fantasy 
Battle Music, well i think they will stop with Final Fantasy VI(6) music now.

This is just a little Music pack i put together featuring all the good stuff from FF6 
(except Dancing Mad, Thats a tad bit big) and some remix's from the Black Mages.

People are always looking for good fight music, something to get your hearts Racing, and to
fight to the maximum, each persons view on music is different, but i hope that this pack 
will deliver this excitement.

  Whats in it? 
Features music from Final Fantasy VI OST and The Black Mages - The Battle Music of FF

FFVI-BossBattle - The Decisive Battle
FFVI-BossBattleREMIX - The Decisive Battle Remix by the Black Mages
FFVI-TheUnforgiven - The Unforgiven Battle music
FFVI-BattleTheme - Battle Theme
FFVI-BattleThemeREMIX - Battle Theme Remix by the Black Mages
FFVI-AtmaWeaponBattle - The Fierce Battle

Just Put one of these pk3 Files in your Base folder, if you want to change music, remove the one in your base folder and
put a new one in from this Zip (or) folder, if you extracted them into a folder.

Short Story on how FF became...
square Soft was a Game company back in the mid 80s, and they were going bankrupted, in a 
quick desperation, the Creator of FF (cant remember his name) came up with one last game 
called Final Fantasy... (it was his final game, that is why he called it "Final" Fantasy)
It was a Hit on the Market, so Square Soft quickly brought in a sequel to the hit game...
Till where we are today...They were forced to merge with there rivals Square Enix after the 
movie Final Fantasy, was a complete waste of time and money.

Apparently the Creator was fired later on around the time of FF X , and he went to work for 
Microsoft, but I have only heard a couple of articles on this so I don’t know if its true.

Nobuo Uematsu also left Square enix after the making of Final Fantasy VII :Advent Children,
and went and formed his own band, The Black Mages. Final Fantasy will
Not be the same without him…

  Thanks a heep to

Szico VII - For giving me the idea of making a music pack(like his), instead of doing each 
of them one at a time, like the other people did >_>

Nobuo Uematsu - For making Wonderful Final Fantasy and others, Music.

If you have bothed to read through this all...Congraz

None that i know of..please feel free to email me at this address,

i doubt that any one reads this....

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