Final Fantasy VII - Anxious Hearts

Behold Final Fantasy Loving Humans, for this map adds more to the FF collection in terms of mappery =_,O!

This map contains various Final...


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Behold Final Fantasy Loving Humans, for this map adds more to the FF collection in terms of mappery =_,O!

This map contains various Final Fantasy VII areas and a single area from FFVIII's Balamb Garden. Humans start out in the Temple of the Ancients. From there, there are four poles of sorts that are warps to certain areas. Starting at the left of the spawn area and going clockwise, you can visit:

- Nibelheim - Balamb Garden, 2f Classrooms - Rocket Town - Kalm

and about 6 other areas you can reach by other methods.

Each of these areas suffers from one or more of the following:

- Sketchy texture usage: this encompasses either a poor texture/skybox choice usage, or a texture misalignment(in pertaining to the various crates and containers.) Switching gears, I'll mention that the Scene of Aerith's Death has overlapping tube textures. If you move, you can see two texture conflicting with each other. I'm not proficient in Radiant by any means, but I know the quick fix: adjust one texture slightly above or below the other.

- Questionable lighting: Nibelheim probably had the most problems with this particular area, because it was too blasphemously dark even for Averus =_O+. Aerith's Death scene appeared to have the second worst offense with it's random shadow spots.

- Smurf Windows: AKA incredibly tiny windows. The space for the texture of the window was rather insufficent to be plausible. Kalm and Rocket Town were the worst offenders.

and finally, in the Balamb Garden's case, the door opened in a rather ill-fashioned way. I believe(and anyone who remembers hopefully can assist Averus on this =_=.) the door opened horizontally, splitting in two.

But don't let these factors get your opinion warped. In terms of accuracy, this map is sufficient in its purpose. There's not as much substance, such as interiors and what not, as what would be hoped for. Regardless, this has a lot of potential. Add some interiors and detail to each area, and I believe you'd have yourself an incredibly popular RP map.

I kept this review shorter than it should be because there's actually quite a bit of areas. A total of 10 regular areas and 1 hidden one, to be exact. Suffice to say, it's quite a bit of areas from the game. Put a little more emphasis on substance and proportion, and I think you'll be alright =_,=

FF7 Fanchildren and the other people, I command that you offer bandwidth to the temple and give this map a good long poke around =_= New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Nay

- Averus Retruthan

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Download '' (34.89MB)

Map name: Final Fantasy VII - Anxious hearts
Map file: ah.bsp

MAPPED BY: Furno (Supermie on forums)
AIM: Nah.
FILE SIZE: 34,891 KB

Build time: Few months? Not sure really, i take long leisurely breaks.
Brushes: 10639


Open the .zip you downloaded (this DUH) with zinzip or whatever junk you use, then extract/copypaste it to your base folder. This is in where you installed the game:, probably "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\Base" for most of you.



Well, i am learning to map, and i'm a FF7 fan, so i thought i'd make a map. This includes:-
-Temple of ancients
-Rocket Town
-Cosmo Canyon
-Nib.. Nibble... somthing.. (And i call myself a fan :(  )
-Aries death
-Some lil grave thing?
-Garden classroom
-A snowy hill to slide down (xD)
-Metior view
-Black duel

Some of these where working well, but some look kinda rushed. The amount of errors was killing me, and i had to cut out shinra mansion in nib. I kept getting leaffaces, brushes, planes etc errors, and couldnt sort them. The lighting was looking good on some maps individualy, but as soon as i joined them together it went crazy. 

The black duel thing is litterally, a black room. The reason for this is that i wanted the sephiroth theme, and decided to have it as a secret area, where the black room is like where cloud and sephiroth fought at the end of ff7. The whole room is a use button area for this music. Kudos to you if you find it. xD. There's another sort of secret area, bit easier to find, and also has another music button in it.

I was trying to get the 4 levelshot loading screens to work well but failed, they seem to show randomly.

Sorry if anyone has a low FPS (i doubt it though), i couldn't really test this with my pc.

Teleporters: Since there not very clear i thought i'd say incase of the rare opening and reading of the read-me :O. In the starting area, there's one in each corner. One where you fall down and one in the door at the top of the temple. There is also one in the lil room above the door to temple. 

Exits: Ancients: Jump up from center (death scene) platform.
Rockettown: Just exit where you came in, between the fences
Metior: Goto back of room.
Grave: Jump atop the grave and jump again.
Cosmo: Fall off edge xD.
Nibbleheim: Go through mountains at end.
Kalm: Same as rocket, just leave through the gap in the town walls.
Garden: Goto the end of the corridor. If you go to the wrong end, you get to ride the slope, and the exit to that is unavoidable i think.

Music: I had a lot of trouble choosing music, and as i wanted different peices for different places, i soon found i wasn't going to get this without alot of work, which i tried and failed at. Then i came accross this 'hit the button change the msuic' idea, and decided to go for that anyway. Go into garden, and press the button on one of the 7 desks, theese choose the music. If you dont like it turn your music sound setting down and get a good KT you jackass. The name of the map came from one of the peices.

Sorry for the large file size, loads of textures n music. And the map is kinda hefty anyway y'know.

Map: Furno
Testing: Special thanks to 'Ten Eye' for his rather avid testing, somthing like 29 screenshots heh.

Bugs: I realize there are a few/many mapping errors, especially in kalm, but i hope i got the majority. I spent alot of time testing for missing textures etc, so i'm hoping there arn't many.

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