Final Fantasy VII - Midgar v3.0 Source Files

These are the resource files for the upcoming Midgar v3.0 map. Why did Szico choose to release the source before the map itself? Who knows....


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These are the resource files for the upcoming Midgar v3.0 map. Why did Szico choose to release the source before the map itself? Who knows.

Please note the following: - This is not a playable version of the map. - These resources are available purely for learning purposes. - You MAY edit the resources in this package, however you MAY NOT distribute any resources to anyone without first gaining permission from the author(s) who created them. - You may NOT claim credit for any work taken from this package.

The map itself should be along sometime later. Szico hasn't submitted it yet, so we can't really put it up seeing as we don't have it.

Have fun!

~ Kouen

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  Final Fantasy VII - Midgar (v3.0)
          by Szico VII     
       24th December 2006   

AIM: Szico VII

Final Fantasy VII - Midgar SOURCE (v3.0)

These source files provided are for learning and reference purposes only. No elements may be used/ripped or otherwise altered for released materials.
You may do whatever you want with them provided the edited materials are not distributed. If you wish to use any of this material in your own work please
get permission from me and/or the various authors of any included models.


IMPORTANT: You must have the Midgar v3.0 pk3 in your base folder, or the files within it extracted to base.

- Use the WINZIP Wizard to extract all files within this zip to your "Jedi Academy/GameData/base" folder. Here is what will be installed.

- Editor Textures
- Map Models
- Map Scripts
- Map Shaders
- 64 Vehicles Extension (by Hatrus)
- New MP Entity Definitions used by map. (by Darth G)


- Easygen files are included, and can be found in the Easygen/save folder. These should be moved to wherever Easygen is installed.

- The map which people play on is "midgar_v3". The other maps included are just the seperate areas which I made individually. Some ASE Models are also

- A skybox script is included, under scripts/midgar_v3/skybox.ibi Running this script in a map will take 6 skybox images from a ref_tag with targetname
  "cam1". This is how I created all of the skyboxes seen in Final Fantasy VII - Midgar v3.0

- Skybox Lighting. Any shader skybox lighting applied to one sky shader will be applied to every sky shader in the map. Therefore when using multiple skies, 
  only apply a skylight to one shader, or the lighting will build up exponentially.

- Compiling: There are several specific command lines which must be included in order for this map to compile. My final compile line was:

	(BSP) -meta -notjunc -vis -light -fast- samples 2

Anything above this in terms of trying to increase compile quality results in a nasty bug throughout the map which I think is resulted to some kind of 
maximum lightmap error.The meta line, -notjunc is needed to prevent compile crashing at the 'Create T-Junctions stages.'

BOTROUTING: If you feel like creating new botroutes because you have added new areas, you will need to use a seperate map with less entities in it and then
########### rename the botroute file afterward, or else your game will crash after placing about 100 or so waypoints. The map I used is included, under the
            name ""


~Szico VII~

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