Final Fantasy VII - Nibelheim

When I saw this, I immediately swiped it and took a peek at its contents. This map, to inform any of the unfamiliar folk with this realm,...


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When I saw this, I immediately swiped it and took a peek at its contents. This map, to inform any of the unfamiliar folk with this realm, is the town of Nibelheim, a Final Fantasy VII town known for its infamous burning by the even more infamous antagonist, Sephiroth. (May he slay many planets with his might.)

Before I continue with the review of Herr Sanj's 1st submitted map, I must utter this fun fact:

FUN FACT: Nibelheim is a modified version of the german words "Nebel & Heim" meaning "Mist Home." This is further supported by the foggy Mt. Nibel. I COMMAND YOU TO HAVE FUN WITH THIS FACT AND MAKE MERRY IN ITS PROCLAMATION!

Now then...expecting the exact town in JA format, I was naturally surprised. The town is correct in its architecture of the buildings, but only to the style. I was expecting a slight variation of the buildings heights. Nibelheim's buildings were MUCH higher, but I saw a motley of dwarf buildings! 1000 curses...also to quote on the architecture, the town's main plaza was more circular, as opposed to this variant, which seemed more rectangular. This, of course, detracted from the whole feel of the lordly Nibelheim feel. It just seemed like a burning alley of houses, which brings me to my next points...

The flame sounds were repetitive, dear Sanj! My god I felt like the fire was being rewound and played back, trapping me in a time loop from which there was no end! I would suggest in a possible future version to have a longer flame track with smoother blending, as they did not match with the flames I saw. Also, the flames did not inflict MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF PAIN AND BURNING! I was quite disappointed, but then again I half suspected that this was intended given that the entire town was aflame and it would be impossible to combat in said situations realistically.

Overall, t'was a decent attempt at a wonderfully ominous town for a first submitted map. The author did mention that there were few interiors given his skill level, and that is acceptable. Sanj, I hope to see a more accurate remake from you, as I will then sacrifice 20 food items in your name.(I would have done humans but alas, I ran out.)

Bot Support: Nay Secrets to plunder: Aye (3) New Textures: Aye (Wond'rous skybox, might I add.)

- Averus Retruthan

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Title			: Nibelheim
Author			: Sanj
E-Mail			: [email protected]
Website			: none

File Name	        : \

Description		: This is Nibelheim from the Final Fantasy 7 lore. This is actually my first map that i've released. Don't worry just because it's my first map doesn't mean its goin to be terrible (hopefully :P).

The map is based roughly on the Nibelheim in the game, but more on the Nibelheim from the short anime Final Fantasy movie, Final Fantasy VII: Last Order. 

The map has custom textures, custom skybox and custom shaders and efx. I did my best to try and keep the FPS down, but with a town thats supposed to be engulfed in fire, you are bound to to have abit of a slow down. Thankfully through the use of custom efx files that i made with effectsEd, i managed to decrease the slowdown. My system is pretty average and i didn't have that much of a slow down, and im betting people out there have way better PC's than me so they should experience problems. 

But for those who are experiencing performance issues, type r_dynamicglow 0 in the console
This will disable dynamic glow, improving performance alot, and the map still doesn't look too bad! In fact some people may prefer the dynamic glow turned off, even if they aren't experiencing a slow down. 

Now, people may be thinking "so the map's basically this small town then?..". Don't worry, i've included a couple of SECRET AREAS. :P I'm not gonna tell you where they are but i'll give you a few hints:

1) One area is accessible by breaking something....something that you would break if you were really thirsty or if you were on fire. (This "something" is in the town itself and not inside a building) 

2) For the other area, break a window. If you remember the layout of Nibelheim in the game, this window is on the house where Clouds house should be. Then once you have broken the right window...well...hopefully you should know what to do. 

Installation	 	: Place the pk3 in your base folder.

Known Bugs 		: CLOUDS HOUSE, THE HOTEL AND THE SHINRA MANSION ARE NOT IN THIS MAP LOL. I really don't have the skills yet to do the interior of buildings with detail. For a v2 i may. 

Credits			: Thanks to Squaresoft for making the Final Fantasy series.   


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