Final Fantasy VII ShinRa Grunt

Well, Final Fantasy VII fans, I have something to make you all squeal with delight! It seems the time has come to put up for download Eclyps...


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Well, Final Fantasy VII fans, I have something to make you all squeal with delight! It seems the time has come to put up for download Eclypse's Shinra Grunt model, along with Jalechah's Shinra gun!

So... Where shall I begin with this? Let's start with the model itself. It is a remodel of the Luke model, with various items, such as the pads and helmet, added on. Not bad looking, but there are some clipping issues in various spots. However, you prolly won't spot those unless you really look for em, like I did. I also can't say that I honestly care much for the shoulderpads on the model. They seem too much like bowls on the shoulders, rather than the pieces of armor seen in the game and the anime based on the game. And, finally, I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed at the lack of facial movement support. I do understand that not a lot of people would actually see the face itself, but it would still be a nice addition, especially for those who decide to use it in SP. Other than that, I say well done!

Now onto the skinning... I find that I don't care a whole lot for it. Parts of the torso are blurry, especially around the ends of the sleeves, the pants are just funny looking, and the face color does not match the arm color. Other than those things, it isn't that bad, but still... It could use a lot of work, but I can't quite say that I wouldn't care less about the skinning than I do about the model itself. After all, people can always come along and reskin the model. There is two variations of the main skin, based on the original games, for team support. I'd name them properly, but I can't remember their names, it's been too long since I have played FF7. :p

Now for the gun.

First things first, this weapon replaces the E-11. To be honest, for the kind of gun it is, taking it's size into account as well, I think the repeater might have been a bit better choice, but maybe that's just me. The model itself, I think, is great. It fits the original quite well. Sadly, this isn't the original. The gun looks blocky to me. Perhaps if the bottom of it was slightly rounded it would look a little better, I can't imagine having to grip a hard edge on a gun would be very comfortable. The skinning on the gun is well done, for the most part. The top and bottom of the model, however, appear to have a stretched texture on em, which sorta looks bad, but something I could live with. A lot of the skinning is not as defined as I would normally like, especially the handle.

So, to sum it all up, I think the models are great, but the skinning could use some work, on both the Grunt and the gun. The good does outweigh the bad, so I recommend to all to give it a download and enjoy it.

Now, if only people would make some more FF8 models.... <.<


Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes (For the gun only) Team Support: Yes

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ShinRa Grunt Readme

TITLE: Final Fantasy VII ShinRa Grunt
Author: Eclypse

Filename: shinragrunt.pk3, MPGun.pk3

Directions: Put both ShinRaGrunt.pk3 and MPGun.pk3 in your base folder. The MPGun replaces the E-11.

Model: Raven/Eclypse
Skinning: Eclypse, Jalechah (MP Helmet), Jack Hamma/General Jestah (Spec and Glow maps)
Rigging, NPC and Bot Support: Eclypse
MP Gun Model: Jalechah

This model is basically a remodel of Luke (torso, hips, arms, hands, feet) with a few items added in by me (Helmet, knee, shoulder armor, legs, visor, head). A little bit of reskinning and voila! Nothing special, but fun nonetheless. 

Please don't port this out to another game. Totally  illegal as this is 70% JA model.

Special Thanks: Anakin992 for getting me started on this project, Noen_Garuth, for his wealth of knowledge, Talonalus for his reference shots, Jose Carlos for keeping me on task with the modelling, Ryojin for NPC and Bot Support help, and all the guys at Final Fantasy Revamped for being so excited about this. Enjoy, and please don't reskin it without asking me. Thanks!


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