Final Fantasy X - Sea of Sorrow

The first thing that struck me about this map... was that it really should be a CTF. With the confusing layout and smokescreen practically 1...


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The first thing that struck me about this map... was that it really should be a CTF. With the confusing layout and smokescreen practically 10metres in front of your face, it could make for some interesting matches ;) That said, this is only a beta, so I'd imagine it could be easily adapted for CTF for the final thing.

However, I don't think Jenova Rebirth should really have sent this beta in - to put it bluntly... its awful. It just does not work at all. The sky, is supposed to be bluey, not red, and the water pathways just look wrong. The only decent bit is the end, where you go up the stairs to fight Seymour (in FFX) Even this is a little boring architecturally, and your FPS will drop hugely due to the heavy smoke effects at the top of the stairs. My advice is to pretend this beta never happened, and then touch it up, because I know you can Jenova ;) Make the pathways less 'jaggy' - smooth the corners and edges, and make your own water shader, with a fog over the water. Maybe look up alpha fading to fade the edges into smoke as well.

As simple a map as this is though, it is just a beta and judging on some of your past efforts Jenova, I believe you'll turn this into something great :D And keep the music, you got that right :)

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes

~Szico VII~

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Download '' (3.22MB)

Final Fantasy X - Inside Sin - Sea Of Sorrow Beta by Jenova*Rebirth*

Installation :-

Place the sinbeta_jr.pk3 in your game data/base fodler

Info :- 
New music : Yes 
New textures : yes 
new shaders : yes
bot support : yes


  This is a beta version of one of my W.I.P Final Fantasy Maps.
It is the first area when you land inside sin, So as you can 
imagine its nothing spectacular for detail, although I have 
mapped the watery walkways down to every last jag, Except 
for a stretch at the stairs as it was causing vis problems.

I have been working on the rest of inside sin, But this is 
the place I wanted opinions on as I have got it is a close to 
the FFX version as I possably could, deep purple sky, very foggy,
Clouds floating everywhere, Glowing symbolic rings spinning around 
the water, Symbols spinning on the floor.
  I have even made a save point and the treasure chests. Chest are
the only place you will find weapons, ammo, shields and health so
memorise there locations on the laoding screen map. The red dots
represent Spawn points, and you will always spawn facing the 
direction of the stairs.

  Due to this being Beta the stairs will not teleport you to the 
city of dying dreams as I have not included it, Its still under 
construction so for now they simply teleport you right back to 
where you first emerge inside sin in FFX.

  The Music included is the FFX versions real music, so that it helps
to bring the feeling for inside sin a little more.
  If you are not a Final Fantasy fan this map won't really look 
like much of anything for now as its only a small portion fo the 
full map to come, its also only a portion of 1 of the Final Fantasy 
maps I have i progress, Including the reworking of my very old 
FF7 - temple fo the ancients and FF8 - Tomb of the unknown king maps 
I did when I first started mapping.

  I would like to hear your comments and suggestions to make 
it feel better.



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