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Okay, so, what you see before you, is the typical first skin. My criticisms are thus.

At first glance I didn't notice anything par...


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Okay, so, what you see before you, is the typical first skin. My criticisms are thus.

At first glance I didn't notice anything particularly appealing about it in the visuals department, the textures are harsh on the eyes, rough and probably sharpened far more than they need to be. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason to how the textures are distributed, which is a fundamental flaw in any skinning project. The details randomly scrawled over the texture are done in a... "primitive" manner that could stand to use a lot of improvement. Overall there just doesn't seem to be any thematical importance to any of it. If there is, then I can't see it.

I understand that it's meant to be based on a customised action figure, but since I can't see that, I can't really judge on accuracy, only skinning techniques.

My basic criticisms are listed above, and I'd advise contemplating those as a list of things to consider on a future skin. To be brutally honest, this didn't really amuse me nor does it strike me as appealing aesthetically or technically. Maybe it'll be different for someone else, who knows.

Basically here we have an update, and as best I can see the author basically fixed his own misspelling on the back of the skin. I think all of Kouen's basic points still apply, and for sure the second half of his review which I don't think should be ignored again:

Still, don't be discouraged. We all have to start somewhere, and looking back on how I started, I feel it would be hypocritical of me to slam you for this being your first try. Basic tips:

1) Check tutorials. 2) Find inspiration. 3) Plan out where your project is going before you start. 4) Practice lots. 5) Post plenty of work-in-progress materials on the forums and ask for feedback.

For a first skin... Well, I've seen better. Seen worse, too. While I wouldn't call this art, I also wouldn't call it crap, for the simple reason that it works, and presumably it looks like what it's supposed to look like.

So, hey, if ya feel like giving it a download, go right ahead. Just be sure to leave some feedback, tips and hints for Mean_obiwan (aka tinnamue2 - there seems to be a little confusion in our developer database). The newbie of today is the artist of tomorrow... or something along that line of thought, anyway.


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Download 'flee_wee_v2.zip' (1.21MB)

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy

Author: Mean_obiwan
Email: [email protected]
Files Name: Flee Wee V2

Description:  Here is an updated version of the hobo Luke skin I made, "Flee Wee".  Here is the story I made up for him.  Some years after the defeat of the empire and the remnet (or how ever many years after JK3) the Jedi were too numerouse so they started to lose their use of the force and eventually lost everything due to insufficient funds.  The one to suffer the most however was Luke Skywalker.  After losing his job and everything he owns Luke moved to Coruscaunt and now lives in a dark ally only thinking of whiskey and his old life.  His mind is now slowly deteriorating and his new neighbor Clouse drives him insane, and Clouse calls Luke, Flee Wee, now everyone does.  (I might release Clouse soon)  So enjoy this homless loser skin.  Use it to make fun of, kill, etc.  The screenshots aren't too great so download it yourself to check it out.  I know the skin doesn't look too good but it's kinda like that on purpose.  This skin is based on an acual custom 12 inch Luke Skywalker figure.  It looks just like the figure.

Game: Jedi Academy

Credits:  Makers of Jedi Academy for their crappy Luke model

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