Flower Heart (Dark Force Mod v.15)

This is a multiplayer mod that is designed to make many enhancements to the multiplayer portion of the game. It includes a vast array of new...


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File Description

This is a multiplayer mod that is designed to make many enhancements to the multiplayer portion of the game. It includes a vast array of new weapons, updated bot Artificial Intelegence, and lots of other changes (see the readme for details).

This mod is designed for solo games / local host games. You can use this online but all participants must have the pk3 file for it to work. This mod has mostly enhanced the dark side force.

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Download 'flowerheart.zip' (1.18MB)

TITLE : Flower Heart (Dark Force Mod v.15)

Released for Jedi Knight, Jedi Academy : April 06, 2006

== File Details ==

Zip Distributed Name	: henry.zip
PK3 Name		: henry.pk3
Category		: J.A. Multiplayer MOD
Requirement 		: Jedi Academy Patch 1.01
File Author		: Henry Christianto
Web Address		: www.geocities.co.jp/rie_fukada
Email			: rie_fukada@yahoo.co.jp

== Development Credits ==
Microsoft Corporation	: Code Program Compiler, Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003 

== Installation ==

- Make sure the Jedi Academy Patch 1.01 installed already.
- Put the henry.pk3 file in your \LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base folder.
- Don't forget to delete the previous dark force mod if you installing one.
_ Clean up your base folder from any other kind of mod to ensure dark force mod loaded and working properly.

== MOD Description ==

Dark Force Mod is multiplayer mod that is special designed for solo game/local host. 
Playing online require all player using the same mod.
This mod subject is to remove game limitation and adding any possible singleplayer game feature.
Dark force mod as the name indicated, enhanced most ability to the dark side force.
== Feature Description ==

Dark Force Mod v.15 is an update of the previous version of dark force mod.

== New Feature ==

1. Updated Artificial Intelegence

NPC and bot AI hase been updated, now these player can use both dark & light side together.
There is no more force based side, it is removed in this mod.
You can try these dual-force bot that added in this mod: 
Kate_walker : Dual-Force level 4 (QUAD MODE / Super Jedi?)
Twilek and Zabrak : Dual-Force level 3 (Jedi Master)
Jedi_Master and Young_Tavion : Dual-Force level 2 (Jedi Knight)
Romeo and Keldor : Dual-Force level 1 (Padawan)
Also, you can try the dual-force npc : Nico_Collard, type "npc spawn nico_collard" at the console.
These npc designed for multiplayer only, an assassin npc used for trap killer.

How to play?
-first in main menu type "sv_maxclients 12" to create game with 12 player.
-type &quot;devmap <map_name>&quot; example = &quot;devmap mp/ffa3&quot; to enter a maps.
-after entering the maps, type &quot;bot_minplayers 12&quot; to automatically added random bot.
-type &quot;timelimit 30&quot; to set the timer duration, when the game will be end.
-type &quot;fraglimit 90&quot; to set the kill limit, how many kill required to win the game.
-after all bot entered the maps, spawn the npc killer by type &quot;npc spawn nico_collard&quot;
-spawn the npc as many as you like at any spawn point, these npc will try to kill bot and you.
-avoid being killed by these npc or your score will be cutted off! 
-fun! can you reach the fraglimit before the time is end?

2. New weapon : NOGHRI STICK 

In the previous mod, you already get tusken rifle, and now you get new weapon again : the noghri stick.
So that after i add this noghri stick, you have total of 18 weapon to be choosen!

About the noghri stick :
This stick weapon shots a green poison smoke that drain health.
Primary attack : single poison-smoke missile.
Secondary attack : spread the poison-smoke amount until 5 missile (like bowcaster)
Ammo used : ammo powercell, 2 ammo for primary and 4 ammo for secondary shot.
Tip : to avoid being poisoned, you can push away the smoke projectile with force push.

3. Quad Mode Fire Shooter

Player in quad mode when switching to weapon melee and press attack, will release fire missile from each hand,
Note that you can do flame thrower also with weapon melee + force lightning level 3,
but this force based attack have decent range, while this quad mode fire-shooter launch the fire as missile.

5. Kate Walker bot update

This bot is the logo of dark force mod, kate_walker is invisible, in this version she will use lot feature :
jetpack, cloaking body, infinite ammo, infinite force, quad mode, full force light/dark side, dual saber (sword of earth
and mightiness scepter), and shielded body to deflect blaster. This bot can flag to godmode herself.
Note that this bot not to be fight as she can't die, but it just for example of nightmare bot. 

5. Updating effect

Quad mode has new aura effect that is more attractive, this effect will now play the trail also.
I get request to remove the glowing effect from sword of earth, allright then, in this version, i already remove
the glow effect (i know the effect are disturbing the view), i replace the glow effect into a nice particle effect.

6. Force Absorb rules

Originally player who lightning at people with force absorb on, cannot do anything until the absorb end,
but now the rule changed, just keep shot your lightning at your absorbed enemy, because force absorb will drain
the force as much as damage was taken, so if your enemies run out of force, he will take damage from your lightning,
it just means, who have the strong and much force power will win the battle, however if you have higher level of force
absorb it will reduce the drained amount (i want to be fair)
You cannot escape from grip using absorb, you must push the enemies. Unless you started the absorb first before being gripped.
Player that already activating force absorb cannot be mind-tricked, so if you facing light-side jedi, just activate the
absorb to avoid being mind-tricked rather than use force seeing.

7. Expanded Saber style to level 7 for single saber

If you are using one saber, go check your saber style cycle,
you already get 7 style : fast->medium->strong->desann->tavion->dual->staff.

8. Force lightning throw effect

Like duel between Palpatine and Master Windu,
In this mod when you win the force battle using force lightning, your enemies will be throwed...far away. 

9. Force Speed update

Previously, force speed only speed-up your move at one setting for all force level: 70% than normal.
In this mod, when player activating force speed their move will be multiplied based on their force level :
force speed level 1 - move 50 % faster than normal
force speed level 2 - move 70 % faster than normal
force speed level 3 - move 100 % faster than normal

10. Miscelanous update

Effect for damaged armor is now same as single player game, create an blue shield effect, and no longer create
green spehere effect as we see before.

Please note that from this version, shieldhit powerups is no longer available, this magnetic shield already mixed 
with the battlesuit powerups, so to get shield-blaster just use the battlesuit, the shieldhit itself reserved for
force heal sound effect, you will notice your player saying &quot;ahh i feel better&quot;, like singleplayer game.

In previous mod, some people think god mode is not work with bryar pistol, and that is not true.
Previously the bryar pistol flagged the damage as DAMAGE_NO_PROTECTION that means kill god mode, armor, everything.
But okay, in this version i have updated the godmode to be able protect player from damage no protection.

About the mess-up third person of saber, it is not officialy supported anyway, email me if you have the correct code for this. 
As for me using third person saber only for saber throw guiding. 

Big player model is one of dark force mod fature and cannot be removed. If you think your body block your view, 
type &quot;cg_thirdPersonVertOffset 30&quot; at the console to increase the crosshair and type &quot;reset cg_thirdPersonVertOffset&quot; 
to restore it back to normal.

Saber length for saber of ice and saber of wind reduced a little from 90 to 70, because too long saber looks ugly when
we see it from far away, for example bot zabrak and twilek that use this saber will looks unbalance between the saber 
length and the body itself.

Force jump level 0 is now supported :-)
You want to be mercenary that can't jump high? 
You can disable your force jump at the force selection menu screen.
Previously player are not allowed to have level 0 of force jump, minimum is level 1.
In this mod there is no more free force for jump.

Old feature from previous mod

If you are never use my mod (Dark Force MOD) before, it's long feature to explain, 
i'll described it per-category below :

New Power-Ups

1. Quad Mode
To activate it, type in the cheat console : &quot;quad&quot;
This powerups will raise up your force power to level 4.
For lightning, grip, and drain will be multiplied in damage and radius
Force protect will absorb more damage in level 4.
In Quad mode, if you using weapon melee and press attack, you will release fire missile.
Bind some button for quick access : type &quot;bind F1 quad&quot; to have f1 button as quad command.

2. Battle Suit
To activate it, type in the cheat console : &quot;battlesuit&quot;
This powerups work like shield, protecting you from blaster, you will be magnetically protected and will deflect
any kind of blaster attack (except for explosive weapon), it will also reduce falling damage and etc.
When using this powerups when swimming it can gives you air.
Bind some button for quick access : type &quot;bind F1 battlesuit&quot; to have f1 button as battlesuit command.

Special Weapon

1. Tusken Raider shot-gun
This is a new weapon from singleplayer that i made up available to be used in multiplayer.
This shot-gun using ammo of powercell, its damage power is equal to blaster rifle.

2. Bryar Pistol as Energy Cannon
In the dark force mod, bryar pistol will always become the most stronger weapon of all.
This pistol shot primary attack of energy laser, and secondary attack of torpedo cannon.
The primary attack shots a electrical purple-laser.
The secondary attack shots nuke-bomb with missile enemy-seek ability like rocket launcher,
this bomb have long range of target-lock better than rocket launcher, also doesn't need full lock to targeting enemy, 
with only few second lock or maybe less, this bomb is ready to chase your enemies to their doom!
You cannot saber-block or push bryar pistol laser/bomb, use force rage to be stay put of life.

Third Person Camera

New combat view with 3rd person camera :
1. You can switch 3rd person camera when using saber, melee, emplaced gun/e-web or riding vehicle.

Saber attack and Kata Moves (special saber attack)

A. New Dual Saber Kata.
For rank 3 of saber offense and have dual saber only, you will get:
1. Alora Saber Spin Throw (throw both of your saber)
   -> press forward + kata(BUTTON_ATTACK+BUTTON_ALT_ATTACK)
2. Standing Dual Saber Protect
   This kata moves is original, but now you won't do it with crouching, you still stands up and still can move.
   forward/backward right after with your saber spinning around you, doing damage to nearby enemy.
   -> press kata(BUTTON_ATTACK+BUTTON_ALT_ATTACK) only without moving forward/backward.
3. Alora Saber Spin Slash (Dual saber slash)
   -> press backward button + kata(BUTTON_ATTACK+BUTTON_ALT_ATTACK) 

B. Kata with running/jumping.
You can do kata moves while moving or even jumping. 

C. Unlimited chain for all saber style.
If you ever feel that strong style is slow and boring, you should try it again,
now any saber style attack can be chained as many as you like and it wont slow down you again.

D. New force power level 7, for saber offense single saber.
All player will now gain force level 7 for saber offense, this is means if you have only one saber,
you will have 7 saber style! From fast->medium->strong->desann->tavion->dual->staff
You are able to do all of these saber style attack and kata moves!

C. Faster saber throw
Saber throw attack will moving faster like single player game.
It's damage depends to your saber throw level.
Player in quad mode can kill their enemies with saber throw in only one hit!

New Saber and Sword

These new saber/sword can be used both multiplayer and singleplayer game :

A. New Sword :
Sword is type of saber draws no blade and does knockback.
New Sword names and definition :

1. Sword of Earth
A sith sword with special knockback slam attack and new effect.
This sword can be used in singleplayer game, 
Start the singleplayer game, type &quot;helpusobi 1&quot; to activate cheat and, type &quot;saber sword&quot; at the console to get it.

2. Mightiness Scepter
This is scepter model sword, does knockback attack too like sith sword, have special effect.
This scepter can be used in singleplayer, type &quot;saber scepter&quot; at the console to get it.

B. New Saber :
New Saber names and definition :

1. Saber of Ice
A single saber with double length and radius. This saber keep spinning and doing damage in the way back of saber throw.
Active in water and have special effect for block and hit and have parry bonus (stronger in saber lock/block duel) 
Can be used in singleplayer, type &quot;saber ice&quot; at the console to get it.

2. Saber of Wind
A Staff Saber that can be thrown While normal staff will do kick attack. You can have two of this at the same time 
because this saber is putted in category of saber single and saber dual. Single blade style attack : desann.
Can be used in singleplayer, type &quot;saber wind&quot; at the console, or type &quot;saber wind wind&quot; to get double. 

C. Single Player only Saber
This saber works only in singleplayer. The saber name is &quot;white&quot;.
This saber have only one saber style : tavion, and have white blade color.
Start the singleplayer game, open the console, type &quot;helpusobi 1&quot; to activate cheat, and type &quot;saber white&quot; to get it.

Force Ability

1. Both Light and dark force can be used together. (like single player game)
   When you spawning you will get all force ability both dark and light side.
2. Multiple force in once.
   You can use lightning+drain+grip or use absorb+protect+rage at the same time.  
3. Fast force attack.
   Fast attack, no limitation delay when using the force. 
4. Rank 5 for saber offense (human player only)
   Player always get rank 5 for saber attack, rank 4 is desann and rank 5 is tavion saber style.
   You are not allowed to have rank 1-3, it will auto changed to rank 5 when you spawn.
5. Force power radius.
   More radius for offensive force powers (grip, drain, push, pull)
6. Super jump height!
   Special for rank 3 force jump, player can fly.
7. Easy saber throw.
   Saber throw is as easy, faster, long radius, and keep spinning even touch wall.
8. More force duration.
   Longer time for force absorb, protect, rage, speed and see.
9. Amazing force seeing.
   Force seeing is very clear now. You can see your enemy aura shell glowing very bright.
10.Powerfull force push/pull to throw your enemy to their doom.
   Super push/pull power plus you can throw away detpack, trip mine, sentry gun & thermal rancor or even vehicle. 
   Your weapon cannot be pulled by bot! But you can pull their weapon if you are in quad mode.
11.Flame thrower attack. 
   If you have rank 3 of force lightning, switch your weapon to melee, and then use force lightning now,
   your lightning will be transformed into fire flame attack that burning your enemy.
12.Force level 4 for player in quad mode.
   have long force radius, more damaging, pulling enemy's weapon, etc.
13.Force lightning can destroy enemy's trip mine, detpack, and sentry gun 
14.Force heal will work like singleplayer, incrementally healing rate.
15.Force grip level 3 can cut off your enemies head.
16.You have 166 point of force to be spend in force selection. 
17.Force drain will first drain enemies force power, after that their health will be drained until death.
18.Saber throw distance-range unlimited.
19.Force power max = 255 (human player only)

Undying Mode

This singleplayer command is now available for multiplayer, 
open the cheat console and type &quot;undying&quot; to activate it.
When you activated undying mode, that is also means you activated additional cheat :
Player in undying mode are:
-cannot be killed (take damage down to 1, but never die)
-cannot falling to death.
-cannot suffocate from the horror of the hyperspace when jumping out of the ships. (in siege_destroyer maps)

With undying mode you can swimming in the lava, bungy jumping in the deadly chasm or walking in the hyperspace :-) 
Just enter the deadly maps you like, type &quot;devmap&quot; follow by &quot;deadly&quot; maps name!
for example : &quot;devmap t3_rift&quot; or devmap &quot;mp/siege_destroyer&quot; (for multiplayer maps with mp/ directory)
To see complete maps, type &quot;dir maps&quot; at the cheat console, use button page up or page down to scroll the console.

Player Animation

Added animation from singleplayer:
A. Various Animation :
1. Turn ON/OFF saber animation
2. Running/Walking animation when saber is off  fixed. Both of hand moving together.
3. Fast walking animation.
4. Melee Wepon ready-animation is both hand relax and off.
5. Fixed bryar pistol shot missing animation.
6. Right hand chopped off animation (cruel death animation from singleplayer). If your saber cut off enemy's right hand.
7. Sniper animation when shooting with disruptor.
8. Pain animation like singleplayer when player take damage.

B. Force Animation :
In single player game, you already seen that some force in rank 1-2 have its own animation, so i add it :
example : force heal, player must meditate and cannot move while healing, then his body will surrounded by light heal smoke.
See it yourself for another force! Note : Rank 3 don't have animation because high rank means fast-force.


A. First weapon
When you spawning into the game you already get :
weapon = saber, blaster pistol, stun baton, melee, and bryar pistol.
inventory = binoculars, e-web holdable (machine gun), and cloak device.

B. Melee weapon
Added Kungfu attack from kyle boss :

1. Normal attack :
a. Fast punch (press BUTTON_ATTACK)
b. Kick :
   * press BUTTON_ALT_ATTACK + forward/back/right/left to kick in your chossen direction
   * press BUTTON_ALT_ATTACK only to do turning kick	

2. Special attack (from kyle boss NPC at single player) :
a. Grab and punch 
   Press kata (BUTTON_ATTACK+BUTTON_ALT_ATTACK) with forward moves
b. Grab and throw
   Press kata without moving forward/backward
c. Knee throw 
   Press kata with backward moves
3. Burning attack 
   This attack only for player with force lightning level = 3,
   Use force lightning with melee weapon, the lightning will be transformed into flame thrower.

C. Other weapon
1. Walking/running/jump while charging attack with disruptor sniper mode is enabled.
2. Alt attack weapon Demp2 is fixed! The impact of detonated electricity will travel as missile.
3. Special thermal detonator bouncy thing, thermal will now bouncing around until its exploded.
4. Etc... see for yourself!

Console Command

Cheats is always enabled! (no need devmap command again)

# Cheat Command: 
&quot;\undying&quot; 	= toggle undying mode on/off
&quot;\god&quot; 		= toggle god mode on/off
&quot;\notarget&quot;	= toggle notarget on/off (only affect to npc not to bot)
&quot;\give force&quot; 	= maximize force power.
&quot;\battlesuit&quot;   = toggle you battlesuit on/off.
&quot;\quad&quot;		= toggle to expand your dark force to level 4.
&quot;\g_debugdamage 1&quot; = shows amount of damage and hit location taken by each client. (type &quot;g_debugdamage 0&quot; to turn it off)
&quot;\cg_drawstatus 0&quot; = remove your player icon, score, crosshair, health/armor, force status and etc. ( type &quot;cg_drawstatus 1&quot; to restore (view) them again)
&quot;\giveother <client_index_number> <given item/weapon>&quot; = give another player whatever we want.
&quot;\status&quot; = to see all available client index number. Use this first before command giveother.
Example = giveother 0 weapon_concussion_rifle (means give client with index number of 0 a concussion weapon)
note : client index = 0 is human player and index > 0 is just for bot and npc.

Bot and NPC

A. New bot and NPC
There is 12 new bot, 1 with undying mode, 6 jedi and 6 mercenary :
1. Kate_Walker
   Jedi Human Female Bot, Nightmare bot with bunch of powerups and weapon, totally invicible.
2. Twilek
   Jedi Twilek Female Bot, using new single saber (saber of ice), both dark/light force power.
3. Zabrak
   Jedi Zabrak Female Bot, using new staff saber (saber of wind), both dark/light force power.
4. Henry 
   Civilian Human Male Bot, no saber, using blaster pistol, no force powers. 
   Have emotional love attachment with Kate_Walker, twilek and zabrak, so he will always try to protect them.
5. Romeo - Jedi Rodian Male Bot, not so strong he just a padawan :-) 
6. Keldor - Jedi Keldor Male Bot, another padawan :-)
7. Jedi_Master - Jedi with skin master model
8. Jawa - You know :-)
9. St_Officer - Officer skin of stormtrooper
10.Lando_Calrissian - You know :-)
11.Elder - civiliant dude
12.Merchant - Another civiliant dude
13.Young_Tavion - Tavion in Jedi Outcast

B. New NPC : Nico_Collard (designed for mutiplayer only)
This nightmare npc flagged to undying mode and quad mode, used for trap killer.
Spawn her in the middle of the battle, she will try to kill everyone.
Type &quot;\npc spawn nico_collard&quot; to spawn it.
To see how many people she killed, type &quot;npc score&quot; at the cheat console.
Because she is using undying mode, you cannot kill her with &quot;npc kill&quot; command.


A. Global
1. Player have big model scale (about 140% larger)
2. HUman player have 255 armor, 255 health, 255 force power.
3. Dismemberment probability is 100% (always cut off arm/body/head/leg with saber)
4. When spawn, player get additional new weapon : stun baton, tusken shot-gun, melee and bryar pistol 
   (bryar pistol will only given for human player and kate_walker bot as it is dangerous weapon)
5. Armor is auto-recharge.
6. When spawn, human player and new bot Kate_Walker have bryar pistol.
7. Bot must wait 30 second before respawn again after death (become corpse for while as they are annoying,
   re-spawning in front of us just after we killed them)
8. Fixed string Means Of Death, every death causes are more detailed depending the attacker, example :
   chiss was smashed himself, it means chiss caused his own death by secondary attack of repeater.
9. Enable taunt, bow and meditate at all game type.
10.Player will speak random voice when using the force, like when jump, push and etc.
11.Support 99 vehicles to prevent error because of too many vehicle inside your base folder. 
12.Easy vehicle movement, shot faster, big shield, longer turbo duration, etc.
13.Player will not forced to use blue/red skin and saber when playing capture the flag or team FFA. 

B. Scoring Rules
In this mod, suicide, friendly killer, or killed by npc is not tolerated :
* Free for all (FFA) and Team Free for all (TFFA)
Kill an enemy = +1
Killing yourself =-5 
Killed by NPC =-3 
* Capture the Flag (CTF)
Kill an enemy = +1
Killing yourself or team mate=-9
Killed by NPC =-7 
fraggin someone who has recently hurt your flag carrier				+3	
fraggin someone while either you or your target are near your flag carrier	+2	
fraggin someone while either you or your target are near your flag		+4	
awarded for returning a flag that causes a capture to happen almost immediately	+5	
award for fragging a flag carrier if a capture happens almost immediately	+6	


If you doesn't clear about something (feature) in this mod or
find trouble, just email me at : rie_fukada@yahoo.co.jp
Email me also if you have idea of what feature to be added here.
Because i'm working alone with this mod, nothing is perfect.
Always remember that i can only reply you by email and no other way.


@@@ Henry Christianto @@@

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