FM-22 'Archon' Heavy Assault Gun

Miss Forge came to us and gave us something wrapped in a big box. I boldly stepped up and volunteered to open it, risking life and limb, kno...


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Miss Forge came to us and gave us something wrapped in a big box. I boldly stepped up and volunteered to open it, risking life and limb, knowing what she has given us in the past. Opening the box (which was humming very suscpiciously, I might add) I came to find that my sacrifice wouldn't have been in vain. She gave us a gun. A huge gun that hums with the might that runs through its metallic veins. This... thing she gave us could kill the greatest of warriors in but a single strike and we are to take it, not knowing which button does what (some child with very long legs and blonde hair looked at it and said "Oooo, what does this button do?" We removed her from the room before she could rain destruction upon us all). So, the good man that I am, I took it upon myself to examine this weapon and say what I think of it. She did a masterful job. The workmanship on this thing is great indeed. The metal she used looks like metal and the screen on it works like a screen should. And it's big. It's very big. It's so big that when you hold it, your view to the right of you is obscured. I was blindsided by a tiny, brown, whining thing with a dagger the size of a butterknife. It swiftly proceeded to attack me (that's also when I learned that catching a blade with your ribs really hurts). I survived and had a perfect chance to test the true might of this weapon and I am not disappointed. It fires green energy very much like an older boomstick, the concussion rifle (which this one replaces, due to the former's age) and falls no short of its older brother's firepower.

There's but a single bug. In SP, the concussion rifle's ammo box/energy cell/boxy metal thingamajig on the side is present and mobile. In MP, however, it doesn't show up. Other than that, I saw no fault with it. Truly superb and I intend to keep it.

Sometimes a bigger sword is all you need.

- Jose

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: FM-22 'Archon' Heavy Assault Gun
AUTHOR: Inyri Forge

FILENAME: sabcut1_if.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 03 November 2007

More thanks than usual this time. First of all thanks to teh googlez, which helped me find the free sound effects I edited together which you'll hear when you fire this BFG. Also thanks to Danny for being my creative consultant (you're fired, by the way), and thanks to Averus for coming up with the name for this gun since I'm creatively stunted. Thanks as well to everyone else who commented on the weapon during progress to make it better.

Dump this is your gamedata/base directory within your Jedi Academy directory.

This pack contains on BFG which will replace the concussion rifle. It's got green glowy parts and a nice little touchpad up top that ought to keep y'all amused for short periods of time. Contains custom icons and an edited strings file so it has its name instead of just being labeled as the conc rifle.

The touchpad animation isn't as long as I was planning, but it seems that there is a limit on frames. Luckily it's not 8 which is what I was reading all over the place. :p

Despite the fact that only 2% of you will read this and the other 98% will invariably say something about it, I absolutely 100% did not model this off of Halo in any way, shape, or fashion. I don't play Halo, I don't own Halo, and I don't particularly like Halo. The gun is actually partially inspired by Shion's weapon in Xenosaga... but only a little bit. Plus I didn't have any pictures of that weapon while I was making this one, so it was kind of just a thought at the back of my mind.

You may use this modification in mods as long as this read-me is included in your archive, unaltered, and appropriate credit is given. You may not distribute *this* archive to any other site.


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