Force Council Headquarters

Roshi brings us the |FC| Clan Map: Force Council Headquarters. It’s a cool map that could have been MUCH cooler. Let me explain… The use o...


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Roshi brings us the |FC| Clan Map: Force Council Headquarters. It’s a cool map that could have been MUCH cooler. Let me explain… The use of textures is poor and extremely repetitive. While the architecture is highly inventive and portrays the theme very well, the bland textures and static lighting detracts from this detail and creates a bland atmosphere. Doing lights manually would have helped a great deal in breaking up the monotony. In fact, doing hand placed lights could have made this map look STUNNING.

Onto more important things: The gameplay value here is HIGH!!! Some very creative and innovative rooms means an endless array of fun duels and FFA’s. Of course… you’d have to find your opponent(s) first, which could be a task since so much of this map looks the same.

Some cool rooms: - An open square room with upper viewing area to watch duels - Long hallway room with a forcefield as the floor - A ‘council’ type room, dueling area in the middle surrounded by sitting areas and what I assume would be a ‘leadership’ podium - An open ‘city’ type area reminiscent of NS-Streets features round pads connected by bridges over the gaping lower atmosphere of Bespin. - Various large ‘duel’ rooms including: dueling in a black room with glowing borders, dueling in room with circular pads over a pit, - A teleporter to an outdoor area with flyable Tie’s and Xwings

Overall, a strong effort by Roshi. We’re looking forward to seeing your next work, but next time, please do manual lighting!!!


New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes (music) Bot Support: Yes

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Force Council Headquarters


|FC| Clan Map for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Mapped by:
Roshi - Levi Hamilton

E-Mail: [email protected]


Installation notes:
Copy fchq.pk3 to your gamedata/base folder.



Imperial based clan map situated in the Bespin Sky. Includes FFA structured room systems, duel arenas, a moving platform chasm, forcefield hallway, bot support, a few secrets, and a large airport with 2 tie-fighters and 2 x-wings.


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Copyright (c) 2003 Levi Hamilton
All rights reserved.

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