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Force Council Headquarters v2.0 is a visually brilliant map, the architecture and the use of curves to create his environment really has pai...


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Force Council Headquarters v2.0 is a visually brilliant map, the architecture and the use of curves to create his environment really has paid off, because it looks fantastic. My worry was about my FPS but due to some nice VIS areaportalling my FPS was always above 40. (No worries then) It's a big map, and takes a fair time to load - nothing like Kamino but longer than your average map. There's plenty on areas to look around, and some clan-based training areas like moving jump pads hovering over a foggy abyss :) Theres also some custom vehicles called "Mini-TIES's" which are basically really small versions of the original vehicles and are still pilotable. Its a downside you can't kill other people with them though, unless they're in a vehicle as well. You can fly around most of the base in there if you wanted, its good fun :D

The ambient sounds here are great too, machinery, whistling winds down large holes, you name it - it's probably there. The music choice surprised me a bit, as it's so overused in my opinion and not really what I would have chosen.:( Moving on, there were a few things I was curious about. Firstly, there was a pitch black room with nothing that I could see in it. In the readme and pk3 there's vague references to some kind of camera room, which I suspect might mean there's more to this room that meets the eye, but I couldn't be bothered finding it ;) There were a few patch bugs in the room with the rebel symbol on the floor - If you look closely at the curve around it, it doesn't meet the patch on it, but to be honest you won't notice it unless you're looking for it.

Other problems could include vehicle errors - as many of you know JKA has issues with a max custom vehicles limit, so if you get those errors you may need to remove other custom maps with custom vehicles included. However, this map was great fun to play and looks great. There's bot support as well, so you can play on your own! The final major thing that needs mentioning is the skyport area. You can teleport here and to other areas through floor teleporters around the map and end up at a hovering tower in a large bespin sky. There are 4 vehicles that respawn here for some ship fighting if that's your bag, and some guidance towers so you don't get lost ;)

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes

~Szico VII~

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Force Council Headquarters 2.0

Mapped by Roshi
MSN/Email -
AOL IM - mcmoohee


This is a complete rebuild of my first map for Jedi Academy, "Force Council Headquarters" (FCHQ). The layout and theme of the map is much the same as the origional, however this version includes many more features than the last. Here is a brief list of the new features:

- completely reworked architecture
- security camera room (secret entrance)
- ambient sound
- enhanced balance arenas
- vis compile (unlike the last version, one room loads at a time, saving your FPS)
- sounds can no longer be heard through walls (vis compile)
- doors with soundsets (the previous version had silent doors)
- redesigned airport/council room
- 32 player slots
- bot routing
- mini TIE-Fighters/Bombers (released by Keshire)
  - the mini TIEs have been tweaked so that they cannot kill other players, only other mini TIEs.
  - their mass has been reduced to 0, so that they cannot bludgeon other players, and do not take impact damage (walls).
  - please note that these mini TIEs are CUSTOM VEHICLES. If you get the ".veh extensions too large" error, your vehicle cap limit has been reached. This means you have too many custom vehicles in your base folder. You can fix this by deleting custom vehicles, or maps containing custom vehicles (DoA Flight Arena, Kotor Flight School, ect.) Since there are only 2 custom vehicles in this map, you need only delete 2 of your existing custom vehicles (or one map containing custom vehicles), if your vehicle cap limit has been reached.

Supported gametypes:     FFA, TFFA

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