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When I first came across this in the Inbox, all I saw was "SP" and I was thinking, it'd be nice to see some SP maps for JA. Anyway, that's not what this is. It's a mod for Single Player. First of all, you need to have Jango Fett or Boba Fett for SP before using this mod. This mod will allow you to levitate as one of the bounty hunters without using Force. Also, when someone throws a saber at you, it will simply bounce off of you, doing no damage. According to the readme, to regain Force while levitating, you can swing your saber to regenerate Force, or grip someone who's using Absorb and you'll take their Force. Interesting, huh?

Anyway, if you're looking for a little something new, try this mod out. :)




Author: Marchus Williams (a.k.a. RED SITH)
e-mail: [email protected]

*Official Mod Name: "ForceLev" (Force Levitation)
*Mod Type: Jedi Academy, Single Player


This Jedi Academy Single Player modification, gives you a working
jetpack for the bountyhunter characters "Jango Fett" and "Boba Fett."


You'll have to Download Jango and Boba Fett to use this mod.

You can get Boba Fett @:

You can get Jango Fett @:

Installation Instructions:---------------------------------------------

A. Place " jetpack_mod.pk3" into your base folder.
B. Start an SP game and enjoy!

Key Binds:-------------------------------------------------------------

Note: I designed this mod so that, when you play as a key binded
      character, you keep the force powers you develop during gameplay,
      and don't experience any errors when selecting your force in the
      force power configuration menu.

*In an SP game, whith both .pk3s placed in your base folder, press any
of the following key binds, to "toggle" between Jango Fett, or Boba

*Press U to play as Jango Fett
*Press I to play as Boba Fett

Instructions Levitation:-----------------------------------------------

*Press space bar 2 times to levitate

*Hold space bar to fly upwards

*Hold space bar and a direction to fly much faster

*Use force speed while Levitating to fly really fast

*Land on something to stop levitation

Other Important Information:------------------------------------------

*Force Lightning might be replaced with bobafett's "flame thrower"

Note: You can use the "flame thrower" continuously

*Force Levitation doesn't need force powers to work.

*If you run out of force power while levitating, you can "recover"
force power by 2 ways:

   A. Keep swinging your lightsaber to "revive" force power
   B. Grip someone that uses absorb (you'll take their force powers)

*All "crouch + attack" moves can be done while levitating.

*Thrown sabers bounce off you (you don't take any damage).

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