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These weapons may not be perfect - they certainly don't have the most exciting, in-depth skins - but they have two other things that are ver...


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These weapons may not be perfect - they certainly don't have the most exciting, in-depth skins - but they have two other things that are very important in new hilt models: creativity, and shaders! Okay, so I might put a little more emphasis on shaders than some folks, but I do think they're important, especially with weapons that are supposed to be made of metal.

In this back, we have three weapons: the boomer, the tilted saber, and the crystal saber. The boomer I find to be the most creative, but also the ugliest. However the creativity really makes up for most of the poor skinning. It looks like a bow, but you hold it at the center and the "string" is really the saber blade. The author has perfectly sized the blade so it looks more like a cheese slicer than a lightsaber. And I do mean that in a good way. Check out the screenshots if you aren't quite getting my analogy. My next favorite is the crystal saber. The skin on this saber is very average - not incredibly exciting, but not bad either. The real treat is in the shader. The end of the saber is given a crystal shader, so it's semi-transparent, and on top of that it has a nice blue pulsating effect that matches well with the blue crystal. The last saber, the tilted saber, simply has the blades tilted at about a 45 degree angle. It's a very typical-type saber... minus the tilty blades, of course.

My suggestions would be the following: -Work on your skinning. Your hilts are good, but good skinning will make them even better. -Keep the creativity! It'll set you apart from the rest. -Work some more detail into your hilts. Take some of those wasted polies in the extra sides that you don't need for the cylinders and put them toward some extra detail in the hilt itself.

There are also a couple "bonuses" I didn't mention, but in the spirit of the word "bonus" I'm going to leave you guys to find out for yourselves ;)


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Download '' (2.5MB)

JKA Saber Addon/Mod

The Force Sabers Mod


Well, i have made three new sabers, actually there are 5 but
some are the same except adapted to be double and single
bladed. I hope you enjoy them as it took me quite a while to
get them to work as they do now, alot of fiddling with blade
tags and other misc. Also, the double and single versions of
the Boomer are exactly the same, i just didn't know what to
do to it, so i left it alone.
This is my first *released* set of sabers. Don't be too
mean and too critz-y.
I even separated every mod file and organized this pack with
folder and sections!

Installation: To install these sabers, you can either put them
in your base folder for auto-ingame installation or put them in
a folder with the name of your choosing the gamedata folder, to
use them from here you must activate them in-game from the mod
menu at the setup tab.

P.S: Look in the Bonus folder for a cool addition to this mod
pack! I hope you use them as often as I do!

[email protected]

-Story by MatiasG
-Saber's Concepts by MatiasG
-Models by MatiasG
-Textures by MatiasG
-Shaders by MatiasG
-Credits by MatiasG
-Readme by MatiasG


This is not supported by anyone but me, not Lucas Arts or
any others. So if you must complain, it is my fault not
theirs. The game is not mine so if it is an engine prob
then you can blame Raven. And please, don't e-mail me
to spam or flame. If you have a suggestion or a crit
then you can feel free to e-mail me.

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