Force Spirit Rosh

Wow.... This skin turns Rosh blue. That's it, really. Almost reminds me of skins where the textures are taken and inverted, and possibly wit...


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File Description

Wow.... This skin turns Rosh blue. That's it, really. Almost reminds me of skins where the textures are taken and inverted, and possibly with something actually done to them if they are lucky before they are officially called done.

Honestly, this skin is something I could do easily in a minute. Five if you count the time it takes to start things up on my computer, get something to drink while working, stare at the wall for a minute or two, then finally slowly start working. :p It just needs more done to it to make it more interesting than it is.

As for the whole shaders thing... Why not start learning? It would prolly be better for you in the long run to figure these things out now before you have some pretty cool stuff without cool shaders to go along with them. This skin is screaming for it, really...

Ah well, I'll stop here. Give it a download if you like it!


Oh yeah, don't forget that this overwrites Rosh, and prolly won't work if you have any Rosh replacement mods...

Bot Support: Default Rosh NPC Support: Default Rosh New Sounds: Default Rosh Team Support: Yes

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away:

         STAR WARS!
It is a dark time for the New Republic, as they
struggly with the DARK JEDI, and the menacing GALACTIC EMPIRE,
Rebel Agent KYLE KATARN stares in disgust, as his padawan,
ROSH PENIN stabs himself with a saber, and becomes a Force spirit.
He then gets cloned for further tortures, but retains his...
blueness.... and scribbles on his face with a magic marker, yelling
IM A RETARD! Kyle has no choice but to stab rosh, before
his stupidity destroys the galaxy. Forced to watch is LUKE SKYWALKER,
who laughs in delight as ROSH PENIN dies, becoming the blue specter of a 
Force Spirit you see here. Rosh then takes his revenge by scribbling on the face
of his equal in gayness and retardedness, LUKE SKYWALKER, also known as WORMIE by
his friend, BIGGS DARKLIGHTER. That is Rosh's revenge. Rosh is then stabbed again, becoming once more,
and for permanently, (or so we hope) the blue specter of a Force Spirit we see here.

Disclaimer: This... thing.... is not connected by, called meatbag by, called wormy by, or hopped upon by giant bunnies by,
or supported by, or all of this other legal garbage, in affilliation with: Monty Python, HK-47, Biggs Darklighter, the Imperial
that says where are you taking that... thing, raven software (How I hate birds... especially ravens, but enough about the company).
It is furthermore not betrayed by: Darth Malak, Darth Traya, Yoda the Frog, Rosh Penin... (He betrayed the Star Wars fans with his stupidity, hence this mod, so he is now DEAD for ALL TIME)
Jar Jar Binks, or any other idiot in Star Wars. I hate legal crap. I hate it hate it hate it. LucasArts entertainment... more like LucasFa... or wait, thats innapropriate here, but 
you really should see Lucas Far.... or wait. Im still doing it arent I. Well, what more do I have to say? Anyway, If you tell lucasarts to support you,
they will tell you to try this trick: paint mascara on your face, do a triple somersault through the air, and dissapear up your own butthole.
No, seriously, they would. But seriously, who reads disclaimers anyway? I can say whatever I want here, and it will never get read! 
So, heres what Ive been wanting to say my whole life. MARTIANS HAVE LANDED ON A HIPPOS BUTTHOLE! NOES!

Proper Disclaimer: I dont do proper disclaimers. But maybe your donkey does. Why dont you go read it? Or wait. Donkeys are stupid.
He probably ate it. And furthermore, you probably dont have a donkey, because, 

So stick this in your base folder and enjoy.

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