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Whee, sparkly fingers! That pretty much sums this mod up. But for those of you unaware of what this lil' package here contains, I'll gladl...


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Whee, sparkly fingers! That pretty much sums this mod up. But for those of you unaware of what this lil' package here contains, I'll gladly inform ye all. Basically, it turns you into something I'd imagine the unholy and traitorous offspring of Zeus, Dio Brando and Sylar to be. You fling lightning from your fingertips, you pretty much stop time and you toss NPCs around like paper airplanes. Oh, and you also walk through walls, clone yourself and change sides in the blink of an eye. As an added side-effect, all of your clones have full-auto versions of any boomstick you were holding when you cloned yourself.

I can't say much more about this. The only downside I see is the lack of a "Za Warudo!" when one hits the NPC freeze button, but that's probably due to my rather unorthodox brain activity. Oh, and if you want to keep your powers up, you'd better keep moving. They won't regenerate if you're standing still. As far as upsides go, it makes you unbeatable. You have infinite force, you spew blobs or bolts of destructive energy like a mocking child spews spit and since no one can fight you, no one can stop you. I'll pass, thank you very much. There's no honor in killing someone unable to even defend themselves, let alone fight back.

Power corrupts, but Absolute Power is kinda neat.

- Jose

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     Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Force Unlimited (silver ed)
AUTHOR: Twin Death Star Destroyer
FILENAME: Force_Unlimited(silver_ed)

Force Unlimited (silver ed) by defalt gives the user unlimited 200 force points
by the use of force crystals, and unlimited ammo.
Alternetly, PureForce (Included in script) gives the user unlimited force points
at a 100 point max, without the use of force crystals, as well as unlimited ammo.

Just unzip this this folder (Force_Unlimited_silver_ed) to your BASE folder.
When in game type exec uforce2. (Or exec on if you edited the uBinds.cfg)

Silver edition features an uninstall script.
BEFORE removing the "uForce_Silver.pk3" and "uBinds.cfg" files from your base
folder, go in-game and type "exec uninstall" into the console (Without the "s)
and then press enter. By pressing Backspace you will go back to the script you
were running. (Either uForce2, PureForce, or Off)
Once the uninstall script has been activated, exit the game though the menu
and you may then remove the files from your base.

After you have unzipped "uForce_Silver.pk3" and "uBinds.cfg" to the base folder,
right-click on "uBinds.cfg". When the menu pops up, go to "Open with".
From the side menu, click "Open with...". Once the window opens,
select "Notepad" and press OK. Once the file opens in notepad,
follow these 3 easy steps for editing in your custom binds/keys.

 1. First find what bind you want to change. They are labeled by what they do in quotes.
 2. Once you have found what you want to change, simply delete the key that is there now, and pick a new key to put in its place.
 3. SAVE your edited script, make sure it is in your base, and you're done!

You shouldn't have to be a rocket scientest to turn a script on, so I designed
it to be as easy as possable. There are a few different ways to turn the script
on, depending on what you need. If you edited the uBind script and told it what
script you wanted to use--simply type in:

exec on

If you did not edit the uBinds script, when you execute the "on" script,
the defalt force crystal script will be loaded. If you are not sure what you
want, or you change your mind, you can directly execute (exec) a script.

exec uforce2 --Executes the defalt 200 force crystal script
exec pureforce --Executes the PureForce script

To turn the script off, simply type

exec off

All of your custom binds in the uBinds cfg will still be saved and you can play
the game as normal.

            GAME PLAY
This script is designed for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Single Player ONLY. 

Note: After Every time you level up in the force point menu, be sure to press
the Enter key. Because this script gives 4 force points to all force powers
(Other than Heal and Protect) all of the force points are alreadly full.
When you press Enter, it resets Heal and Protect to 1 so you can level up again
without restarting the last level. 
When you level up select a remaining Heal or Protect force-point.

There is No need to re-exec the script every time you start a new level-
once you have done it the first time. (Just press enter)
However, each time you start up JA you Will need to execute (exec) the script.
For your covenance, there are pre-made binds in the uBinds.cfg file.
Just replace the &quot;<key>&quot; with the key that you want to use.

(Defalt--Change in uBinds.cfg)
Z= no clip on/off.
X= freeze all npcs on/off 
O= change what team you are on. (Dark, Light, free, or neutral)
G= Auto force grip target on sight on/off 
Y= Hands-free force lightning on/off
T= spawns/clones the guy you are currently playing with, and then automatically
uses forcemindtrick to take over his or her body. (Note: To work properly,
you must be in an open area where your clone can spawn, and you must not move
your mouse/movement keys after pressing the button untill mindtrick has
successfully taken over the body. If mindtrick fails to work, you can manually
use force mindtrick)
-Most if not all the guns in the game have un-locked rapid-fire for all NPCs.
If you want to use a rapid-fire gun, switch to whatever gun you want to use,
then press &quot;T&quot; (Defalt in the script) Your new cloned player will have
rapid-fire. (Allow a few seconds for auto-mindtrick to work on your clone)

No bugs that I know of.

Fixed the gray box in the hud
Fixed the gray box in the force menu
Fixed the crash error (When used properly)
Fixed the uninstall problem
Various small known problems also fixed

Thanks to you for downloading this, and to all of you who played with the
Bronze edition.

Offishal Testers:

You downloaded your copy of the script and that makes it yours.
As long as it *stays on your computer*, you may edit it.
Once it is off your computer it is no longer yours, but the creators.
Do NOT pass along or otherwise transfer in any means edited versions of this script.
If you wish to do so, you MUST email me first and obtain my permission.


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