Forgotten Imperial Outpost

'Haunted' is more the word I would use to describe this map, although don't go thinking Doom3 or anything like that. No, this map is the...


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'Haunted' is more the word I would use to describe this map, although don't go thinking Doom3 or anything like that. No, this map is the kind of haunted that you'd expect to see on some kind of spoof, or a cartoon show like Scooby Doo. This is generally down to the almost laughable ghost noises that you can hear before entering the main complex. Funny, but not scary ;)

The outside area appears to have been made in Easygen, usually a tool for creating nice and powerful landscapes. Not this time however - the author might as well have just made a big square for his outdoor terrain, because he certainly hasn't used Easygen to its fullest extent. The obvious thing to note is how much the texture repeats, but there are also some gaps in the terrain where you can see through to the new and 'pretty' skybox. The skybox does look nice, but because of lighting differences between the 2 new images and the old ones, you can see the seams.

As for the rest of the map... well...Z-fighting isn't the word. To quote Shadriss, it's more like 'Z-Warfare.' Everywhere you go there are fighting textures at seams, on doors, windows - basically everywhere. I won't get too harsh on this seeing as it's only the 2nd map from this author, but I do need to stress that this kind of error really needs to be avoided. Oh, and then there's the framerate as well. This is definitely lower than your average map, and it really shouldn't be. I can't confirm it for sure, but I reckon this map was actually leaked when the author compiled it, hence, no vis data, and the whole map is always drawn at the same time.

The inside areas are somewhat better than outside however - there's actually some fairly decent looking rooms if you search hard enough, and models are put to decent use. Furthermore, the lighting quality has been improved as well, and there were some really nice touches using spark effects. However, there's still plenty of issues I have with it, such as being able to see caulked surfaces from out of windows, and a grate which wont die from a shotgun blast, but will from a saber attack. Oh, and the flow is really bad for an MP map as well - far too linear, and would be much more suited to an SP style campaign.

One of the other major downsides is the lack of bot support, plus the author has included some unnecessary files in the pk3 such as the .srf and .nav files, which have increased the file size where it needn’t have been.

New Sounds: Yes New Textures: Yes Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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A Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Map
TITLE: Forgotten Imperial Outpost
AUTHOR: [DragoN].Warbird*
E-MAIL: [email protected] 

FILENAME: Forgotten Imperial
DATE RELEASED: 16 January 2006 

CREDITS: LucasArts/Raven Software, POINT MUSIC/ZAiKS-Biem "Distant space" (music).

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unpack file into your /Base folder.

DESCRIPTION: My second map ever! :P Story: As you watched trailer you know why this outpost is forgotten and abbandoned, or at least you should know. Outpost lies on the planet Ruusan* which is also a location of the Valley of the Jedi. When Kyle Katarn (light side) defeated Jerec, Remmnants forces were in dissarray, and all Imperial precincts and outpost were about to evacuate. Unfortunattely one of them which 'were blocking' entrance to the canyons leading to the Vally had a bad luck. An unknown and what, more, invisible force slaughtered all troops and officers. It's intentions remained a mystery, perhaps it wanted to reclaim or drain the force from the Valley as Jerec intended to. Perhaps it was sent by someone to kill Katarn, or perhaps it just didn't liked Imperials much ;P Many questions, very few doubtful answers. Nevertheless, many years later, since Jerec's destruction, people of Ruusan* almost forgot about many outpost scattered across planet's surface. Mysterious force never appeared again. There were rumours some time that force was a Jerec's spirit seeking vengeance... it were only a rumours. But another dangers may lure at the abbandoned structures. That's why this outpost is forgotten and abbandoned and haunted and.... End! :)   

New textures: Yes
New objects : No
New sounds: Yes
New music: Yes
Game type(s): FFA
New effects: Yes
Bot support: No (somehow this mode (described in Raven's SDK) doesn't want to work...)  
BUGS: Hmmm, let's see. Ah, there is one: lift sometimes acts stupid.

COMMENTS: This map may be also good for RPG'ing, but I'm not sure. Use at your own risk :D BTW: Did you know, that initial idea was to make a TFFA map? Or did you know, my previous map (Sigma) initialy was meant to be a 'Siege' map? Yes, yes! And did you know, that you should stop reading and start download this map immediately!? ;)

Take a look at screenshots. 
* Rusann, Ruusan, Ruussan or Ruussann, don't know exactly.

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