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Well, let’s see. Where to start. This map is called Fortress Japan. However, it looks more like Office Building and...


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Well, let’s see. Where to start. This map is called Fortress Japan. However, it looks more like Office Building and Backyard Japan. Meh. Fortresses are supposed to be huge, and this one isn’t. The buildings are made of plywood. Woo.

I can’t say I’m very excited about this map. It’s small, yet still meant for a FFA as far as I can tell. I, well, can’t quite fathom blasting people around. However, this might be a good map for clan meetings. Still, there’s really nowhere to sit and chill. You’d have to stand. While emotes in my opinion are a bit stupid, who wants to stand around a giant pole in the middle of a map for a meeting?

The map at least has fitting music. The music adds to the quiet theme, although I normally play without it. Still, a lot of people enjoy maps in their entirety, so a quiet matching Clone Wars theme is probably just fine. Still, it’s a game where you kill people. Can you quite imagine having a Free For All in someone’s garden? One thing I do to answer questions like this is I put them in real life perspective. Could you have a free for all in a deathstar? Well, sure. Can you have one in a factory? A gunfight perhaps? Absolutely. In real life, if you picked a fight with someone and wanted to meet them somewhere, would you do it in a garden? Probably not.

This map does use some custom textures. However, because the thing is so small, it’s really not something that stands out as much. I swear, maybe I’m just spoiled with Rancor Arena and KFS_Beta (my two favorites), but mappers need to do stuff to spice things up. Even add the generic dueling platforms and I’d be happy. But this map is just cool to walk around. And walk some more.

The map also only has one spawn point from what I can tell. Whoops. Makes it a bit hard to play with multiple people, let me tell you. Ugh. Still, everything else was done well, but came together in a not-so-desirable way. Get it if you want a clan meeting map and don’t like emotes.

New Textures Yes New Music Yes BotRoutes No Gametypes: FFA? (Only menu it shows on, but messed spawn points)


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Title: Fortress Japan 
Author: Swampster
Date: 11/7/04
Website URL:

Description: This a Japan style map with a central courtyard, a temple, secret grave, bar, and other things.  The bar is tricky to get into, but you'll find out.  The hidden grave I won't tell you how to find it.

Installation: Unzip the {}.zip, so you have the .pk3, and put that in the jedi academy/gamedata/base directory. 


-Target_speakers (Yay!)
The rest you must find, young grasshopper.

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