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Well, this is just a small update to the previous Four Armed Grevious Model. Since there isn't much that has been change'd I'll just paste in the old review.

Well, someone has decided to give Grievous four arms! You generally would expect something of a remodel, but that's not the case here.

First off, there are now four arms. All that the author has done is split the original Grievous arm, and then raise it up, and then he weighed it to the arms. While this works, it doesn't look all too good. First off, the top arms are very stretched, and they only move when the regular arms move. Otherwise you have two very stretched arms coming out of Grievous's back. It's funny, as I heard somewhere that Grievous looks like a chicken. Anyways, to make him look like a chicken, crouch, and you'll see what I mean. Anyways, the weighing wasn't that great, as evidenced in the stretching. I saw some places where a couple of reset xforms could have fixed. The left arm, mainly. When you walked it would be sideways. This model could have been weighed better.

Okay, other the weighing issues, the author also made Grievous hunched. Yay. Now he looks like a hunched chicken. The hunchedoveredness really messes up a bunch of animations. Seriously, when you do the /bow animation, it looks like Grievous is smoothing his nonexistent hair or giving his head a massage. The strong stance animation makes it look like Grievous is scared and is hiding behind his arms.

Okay, in taking the weighing issues and the hunchbacked animation issues, this could use some more work. But, on a plus side, the author has included a four saber mod to go along with the model. But, other issues aside, this can use some serious work. But I'm sure some of you will like it nonetheless.

Bot Support: Yes Npc Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Default Grievous Sounds.


The only changes that were done is that the bot now uses the four saber mod, and that works, at least. But the author also tried to make it tos that the sabers that the bot used were blue and green. That didn't work. This model has some serious weighting issues, I would've liked to see the next version actually be a reweighed version.

Bot Support: Yes Npc Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Default Grievous Sounds





Title			:Grievous4_MLZ

Author			:Mike Lorenz
E-Mail			:[email protected]

Description: 4 armed General Grievous from Star Wars Episode III.

File Name/File Size	:grievous4_MLZ.pk3 (1.572MB)

Release 1_01
Date Released		:06/01/2006 

As Requested by popular demand.

1) BOT now calls the 4 saber mod.

2) Blue and Green Blades on each side (like in the movie)

******************************Special Thanks and Credits***************************************
Special Thanks to: 

	RAVENSOFT for making the best game ever...  There's really no need for any other when you think about it.

	Psych0Sith and Tim "SpaceMonkey" Appleby for their tutorials

	Mars Marshall "NeoMarz1" for making countless profesional grade models.  (You da man)

	This community for sharing all this talent and quality work.

****************************** Credits ***************************************

Model Based on		:General Grievous VM 
Modeling/Skins		:Mars Marshall "NeoMarz1"
Weighting		:Mars Marshall
Sounds			:RJW_ca
E-Mail			:[email protected]
Website			:http://www.geocities.com/[email protected]/ 

******************************READ THIS BEFORE PLAYING***************************************

	Place grievous4_MLZ.pk3 into the "StarWars JediKnight Jedi Academy/GameData/basefolder".

1) In order to use NPC's you will need to acivate cheats heres how you do it.

Singleplayer- Once your in the game, hit "shift and tild (~)" to activate the console. Next type "devmap t1_surprise" (or replace t1_surprise by any other map name)... hit enter (this will load the map with the cheats on)
Here's a hint start you favorite mission and open the console {hit "shift and tild (~)} the map's name will appear in the console's log.

	type "playermodel grievous4" to play as a 4 armed General Grievous.
	type "npc spawn grievous4" to have a 4 armed General Grievous ally to assist you in your mission.
	type "npc spawn grievous4_duel" to have a 4 armed General Grievous foe to duel against.

	Close the console by hitting the tild (~) again.

Play and enjoy

Multiplayer- To activate cheats, you do thing a little different. activate the console by hitting shift+tild(~). Next type /devmapall "mapname". Example: /devmapall mp/duel1. The map will load with cheats activated. Open the console again and type /npc spawn "npc's name". Example: /npc spawn greeveevm... Notice that single player you have to put the "/" slash before the command.

Here are the npc model names for this pack (With a brief description)...
	Here are the npc model names for this model...

	For Enemy: grievous4_duel
	For Playermodel: playermodel grievous4
	For Bounty Hunter support: grievous4

	Note: you must enter one of the above names when spawning your npc. 	

	cont... close the console by hitting the tild (~) again.

***Trouble shoot***
Usually there are only a few errors make that cause problems. Here are the most common...	
1) Not using the proper console commands for "Single Player" or "Multiplayer"... cheats are acivated differently for each. Read "Instructions" up above.
2) Having the pk3 placed in the wrong folder.
3) Make sure you have the latest Jedi Knight Academy update, Not having the update will cap out your NPC files.
4) All players on the map where Grievous4_mlz is being used must have installed the .pk3 file...

Legal Stuff


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