Free Saber Alliance Council

Another clan map…

Yet this one I like. FSA_Council unlike so many clan maps in the past actually does have decent lighting, effort put in...


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Another clan map…

Yet this one I like. FSA_Council unlike so many clan maps in the past actually does have decent lighting, effort put into textures, and a good layout; not to mention enough room to move around and have private duels away from the rest of the clan.

I’ll start where you spawn; a red carpet t-section corridor. Each of the exits at the end of each passage lead to a new area obviously, one unmarked then the following: ‘Archives’, ‘The Crypt’ and ‘Training Arena.’

Training Area: The feel I get from the architecture of this room would be something from Unreal Tournament, which isn’t bad in my view; it’s a two level area. The top level is where spectators can sit and watch and the ring-leaders can spawn opponents for the participants below from four control panels, each a different level of difficulty I believe. The lower level is surrounded by glass, hence protecting spectators from combat.

The Crypt: A little bluestone burial chamber, where beyond is a prison area with three cells each with a control to raise and lower shields. One side corridor leads to the archives.

Archives: The Archives, well look very much like the Jedi Archives you see in the movies, in its basic form. Why do I say basic? I mean more classical form, instead of data entries it is a library of books. Instead of a dark architecture the pillars are of white marble reaching to a semi-arched ceiling; a design which much reminds me of roman architecture.

*Gasp! “Is there a god?” I see a side exit within the archives and venture forth down a corridor titled, ‘Hydroponics…’ Right now is when the classical music set of the map really makes its mark with a sense of euphoria overwhelming me as I anticipate my future actions with whatever ‘hydroponics’ these Jedi have to offer.

Hydroponics: Here you come to a wall surrounded courtyard with a clean cut lawn and cobblestone path, to the left is a waterfall flowing over the wall and into a small pond. To the right, is a greenhouse and just beyond that a place to sit down and relax on several benches. Within the greenhouse is…I was disappointed here, ferns and ‘long-grass’ weeds. In my view it could have done with a little more…or maybe something original.

Back to the central corridor hub and through the unmarked door we enter a central hall, circular in design, again supported by columns. The mixture of marble textures for this room I do believe mix well, cream, light yellow and green marble. The small fire bowls along each stair-well do give a great finish. There are three other exits in this hall.

Dome Arena: Just as it sounds, with a good classical design as half the rest of the map…a domelike room to duel.

Duel Platform: A gothic style platform supported by chains from the ceiling, with a control panel to extend a bridge to get to this platform. Watch your step during combat; you may fall to your death. Ignore the labeled ‘control room’ for this area…it has no controls, the controls are in the main area of the platform arena.

Exit: here you come to the main outside area of the map, same cobblestone path design and clean-cut lawn as the hydroponics area, yet with a stream running through and small footbridge to match. Yet this is not what people would come here for. They would come for the spawns of mini-tie’s to pilot and dog-fight in. Yes they’re miniature but somehow you can still jump in and go nuts with them, cute.

Ok, despite being disappointed with the ‘hydroponics’ Greenhouse, I’d say I relatively enjoyed running around this map. Although I liked the classical music, I doubt most would enjoy this form of music.


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

TITLE: Free Saber Alliance Council

FILENAME: fsa_council.pk3

MUSIC:  Fur Elise by Beethoven

COMMENTS: This is my first publically released map.  It was made for my clan, the Free Saber Alliance, however I tried to keep clan references to a minimum.  This map could serve many purposes, there is a flying area with mini tie-fighters and mini tie-bombers that are included as a separate pk3 file in the zip file.  There are dueling areas and spaces for FFA and TFFA, as well as a training area with triggers for various NPCs.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: To install the map, unzip the file and place the fsa_council.pk3 file and the tie_fightersmall.pk3 file to your base folder.  If you already have the FCHQ2 map, there is no need to add the tie_fightersmall.pk3 file to your base folder.  If you get a maximum vehicle extension error, you'll have to remove some of the custom vehicles in your base folder before using this map.  To uninstall, just remove the pk3 files from your base folder. 

CREDITS:  I would like to thank my fellow clan mate and friend Dark Knight for all of his help with this map.  He did the terrain, shaders and many custom textures for this map, some of which come from his JKJA map called "The Sanctuary".  He also explained much of what I know about mapping and also serves as beta tester for me.  He also worked out some minor bugs.  I would also like to thank all my clan mates for helping test the map on our server and point out as many errors as possible before the map was released.

I would like to thank Roshi for allowing me to use the mini tie-fighers and mini tie-bombers that are found in his FCHQ2 map.

Credit goes to Manquesa for making Episode III Jedi starfighters and for Minilogoguy18 for making Anakin's version a static model.

Credit goes to Zymotico for making the Episode II Jedi starfighter model.

A few textures were borrowed from the following maps:  Night Bespin 2310AD by <|Fear|>V.Engineer and some JK2 textures from Griffenclaw's Jedi Council Building map.  A few textures from the PhotoRealistic Texture Pack by BerneyBoy were also used.

The textures in the fsa_council folder were made either by Dark Knight or myself.  If you want to use any of those textures, please give us credit.  Some of the textures in the ts texture folder where borrowed from Simland ( for creating the DotProduct2 Terrain effects.  Other textures in the ts folder are by Dark Knight, please give him credit if you wish to borrow them.

The npc known as jaggerbot was a skin made exclusively for a founder of the Free Saber Alliance.  

BUGS: There are no known bugs. 


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