Ful*Crum presents to us a new version of his Halloween Frost map, this time called Frostbane (there's a name Averus would like if I ever sa...


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Ful*Crum presents to us a new version of his Halloween Frost map, this time called Frostbane (there's a name Averus would like if I ever saw one). I expected Frostmourne's long-lost evil (or, in this case, good) twin brother. Alas, I was somewhat disappointed to find that this is not one of those hacky-slashy things, but instead one of those places where you use said hacky-slashy things. But enough rambling, let's get to the arena! Kouen took care of the last version, which he welcomed with a speech not unlike this one:

This map is small, simple, and really just an overhaul of the previous version. Granted, it's now more sensible, but it's still dead basics.

The general outline is that it's a square arena with a pit. The pit contains a rod of magma ( o_0 ) and a rancor. Lightning will strike in the pit occasionally dealing fatal damage if it connects with a player. Oh, and there's a rancor.

This map has all the hallmarks of a typical first map, and I assume it is, so I'm really not going to judge it as I'd judge something from an experienced mapper. I'm merely going to suggest that the author moves on and works on something higher up the food chain.

As a starter map, well, I've seen worse and I've seen better. At least FuL*CruM has a good mind of what he does wrong, and how to fix it for an update. I see that you have some potential, FuL*CruM, so push forward, challenge yourself, see how far you can push your abilities.

~ Kouen

Let's get the old and improved out of the way first. The lava column in the middle of the arena now pulsates with an orange/yellow light. The arena now has an alcove holding some much-needed defense for the wounded warrior and there's no more beastie nor thundering fists of higher power to eliminate your enemies for you (there is, however, another way of doing it, but we're yet to get to that).

And on to the new. There's a small control room with a mighty portable bulletspewer called a Repeater and an elevator in the right hand wall. There's also a conveyor belt in a higher corner of the room, so you may hide away (albeit poorly) from the ravenous gangs after your hiney. Don't expect to escape, though, since the only other exit from the room is the elevator. It takes you down to a short corridor lined with computer terminals and a rocket launcher at the end. Your cheerful visage upon finding said weapon will soon fade when you realise that you can't get back up, cause the damned elevator control button is busted (this is the aforementioned new way of getting rid of your pursuers). There's also some new music for your ears while you joyously slice and dice your way around this arena (which I found to be quite nice) and bot support.

Overall, I find it to be likeable. Sure, there is room for improvement (such as making the architecture consist of more than 90┬░ angles) but for what it is, it's nice. I ended up having a somewhat-mass battle against 9 opponents and while things got really hectic, it was hella fun.

Fair winds at your backs.

- Jose

Note to author: My browser couldn't load your screenshots, so I took my own. Hope you don't mind. I also took the liberty of moving the files around in the .zip, removed the folders.

Bot Support: Yup Custom Music: Quite fitting Custom Textures: Move along Custom Models: No such things

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Download '' (8.18MB)

             A Jedi Academy Modification
                Does not work with JK2

Title : Frostbane - HFv4
Author : FuL*CruM
Type : Map
Map Type : Duel/Powerduel/Team FFA/FFA
Description: This is Halloween Frost (v4), but I renamed it to Frostbane, because I was getting complaints that the map did not suit the name. People, its just a name, nothing to get upset about.
This one has much more stuff new than any others! It features weapon support, bot support, newer
music, *groovier* lights, three new rooms, an item shelf, and much more.
Item Shelf: Outside, you'll notice an alcove. If you jump on it, you'll see some shield boosters to help you!
Weapon Support: Includes Repeater and Rocket Launcher
Imperial Outpost (Room 1): A small factory entrance, but you cant go far. Includes the Repeater, and an Elevator
to get downstairs.
Imperial Control (Room 2): A data room, kinda dark. Features medpacks and Rocket Launcher.
Bot Support: Full bot support is included with this download.
.map : The .map is given for you to exploit my various issues with this map, find out how func_trains work, how elevators make noise, etc.

Entities : 108
Brushes : 350
Net Brush Count : 240
Entity Breakdown:
Light, used 45 times
info_player_intermission, used 1 time
info_deathmatch, used 4 times
info_player_duel, used 2 times
target_speaker, used 8 times
fx_snow, used 1 time
misc_model, used 8 times
fx_runner, used 1 time
trigger_multiple, used 2 times
target_random, used 1 time
item_shield_sm_instant, used 2 times
misc_weather_zone, used 1 time
func_plat, used 1 time
func_train, used 1 time
path_corner, used 4 times
ammo_metallic_bolts, used 2 times
weapon_repeater, used 1 time
info_player_start_blue, used 7 times
info_player_start_red, used 7 times
info_player_duel1, used 1 time
info_player_duel2, used 2 times
item_medpak_instat, used 2 times
weapon_rocket_launcher, used 1 time
-Blaster Pistol
-Imperial Heavy Repeater
-Merr-Sonn Portable Missile System
-Small Shield Booster

* Wait for my soon-to-come Slimpack mod. Features new weapons, and menu effects.
* Frostbane - HF (v4.5) may cone soon!

*Music statics in between plays.
*Snow is shown inside, don't know how to fix. If anyone does, please tell me in comments.
*Pipe texture is a little funny looking, also don't know how to fix, ditto.
*A small texture bug, but its in a place where you won't probably look =)

()- Starcraft. I got their music onto my map successfully.
()- MPQ Viewer 1.04, thanks for your great tool. Very useful.
()- Rich Diesal, for helping me get sounds onto an elevator.
()- Xilisoft, for their good WAV to MP3 converter, very nice.

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