I wish I had a really good reference image of this sword, since I've never played Warcraft 3, but if the image I did find is accurate, then...


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I wish I had a really good reference image of this sword, since I've never played Warcraft 3, but if the image I did find is accurate, then this weapon is not. However since I really can't be sure either way, I'll leave it up to the Warcraft 3 fans to decide, and I'll just comment on its form.

The polyflow of this sword is really quite peculiar. In some places the author was very frugal with his polies, and in other places he probably could have cut down. For instance the handle is actually a rectangle, but the blade could probably have had less faces and still looked fine. Another thing I find peculiar about this sword is that, from the side, it's very fat. As in the blade doesn't get thinner near the top. It's just fat, fat, fat fat, *POOF* pointy! It is the same width from the bottom of the hilt to the top of the blade, until it finally narrows out to the point - rather abruptly, though.

The left and right side do not look mirrored, though from the image I found it looks like they would not be. However the handle probably should've been, or at least should've been a little closer. As for the skin itself, if I had to take a guess it's mostly photosourced, except for the blade. As I was poking around the skin, I noticed it stretches on the tops and bottoms of the parts sticking out the side, indicating when the author UV mapped the sword, he used planar mapping. However also while I was poking around the skin, I noticed a gaping hole in the mesh. That's something that should have been caught before compiling.

Overall it's a sloppily made weapon, but shows some promise, as I've definitely seen much worse. Keep it up, be mindful of your crits, and improve for next time. Go check out some forums and get some real nasty feedback - nasty feedback is best, because then you know people aren't being soft on you to keep you from crying, and they'll be honest about everything ;)

Extra goodies to consider for next time: -Shader -Less annoying loop sound -Complete custom soundset -Blade effect (does it have one in WC3? The name sounds like it would have a cold effect)

Yes, and write a better read-me next time, too.


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This is the Demon Sword Frostmourne From Warcraft3
Now you to can weild the ancient powerful demon sword, and hear it talk to you!

Sounds, Model, Texture, UVMapping goes to SithDagger at

This is a Jedi Academy Modification.

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