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Well, here's a map with a unique concept. You'll no doubt spawn on the lower level. I did, in the exact same spot every time, so it loo...


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Well, here's a map with a unique concept.

You'll no doubt spawn on the lower level. I did, in the exact same spot every time, so it looks like there's only one spawn point. Four rooms surround you - an armory, a dojo, a music room, and a corridor leading to a room with three rancors, a load of guns, and two turrets. Pretty routine, eh?

Here's the part which breaks the cliché - jumping into the small pit on the lower level teleports you to the top of a very very big shaft which in turn, if you jump down, you'll arrive on the lower level. Hitting the blue pit again takes you back to the top, which I assume is the goal of the game, and landing on the platforms around the pit leave you with 4hp.

Now, onto the problems with the map. It includes six MP3s, which is unnecessary even in a map with this concept. None of them fit the map's atmosphere either. There's a song from the Matrix, Kirby's Theme from Super Smash Bros, a remix of the Star Wars theme, a remix of Luke's theme, the Numa Numa song, and the FFX Battle Theme. Due to the amount of music included, the filesize is boosted way higher than it should have been. Music does not make the map.

Next problem. When going down the corridor towards the rancor room, you'll get some sharp lag. I assume this is because the wall has been made into a detail brush rather than structural, so therefore draws whatever is on the other side even though you can't see it. Next is lighting - or rather, the lack of it. The map is just too plain and too bright because there's no lighting - again, a sign that the map was released after just a -meta compile. You'll also lag when near the doors, since they're not areaportalled. This also meant I couldn't warp through them in spectator mode, hence the lack of screenshots for the individual rooms.

Take a look at the screenies, and if you like this map, give it a download.

~ Kouen

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: FunJumping
AUTHOR: XTrikstaX 
E-MAIL: cyberguythe3rd@hotmail.com

FILENAME: funjumping.pk3
FILESIZE: 30,480 KB's
DATE RELEASED: June 1, 2006 

CREDITS: I give credit to all the people who made the textures from other maps that i used. Also credit to Revan for building such a great Game.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Put the funjumping.pk3 in your base folder

DESCRIPTION: A smaller map, based on Imperial grounds. A tall building, which you jump off its inside ledges and go into a long 8 - 12 second freefall.

BUGS: Maybe a few texture disallignments

COMMENTS: None... except thanks for downloading my map... (This is my second map ever)


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