Who remembers FunJumping? Anyone? Well, check out the original review here.

Anyway, quite a bit has changed. Most...


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Who remembers FunJumping? Anyone? Well, check out the original review here.

Anyway, quite a bit has changed. Most notably, more architectural elements have been included. The map is still as unconventional as ever, so no worries on that count.

You'll likely want to know what's changed and what hasn't, right? Well, the good ol' tele-jump is still in there, provided you aim it right. The dojo remains, with some minor changes (the music button has been switched out and replaced with NPC controls). The music room seems to have been replaced with a lounge of sorts. The rancor room remains as it was, however the lag when running towards it has been smoothed slightly. Also, an extra level has been added in there.

Now for the new areas. There's a slide chute at the top of the main shaft, which will drop you right back down. There's a new mini-game room called Jawa Bounce. Check that out for yourselves. A jump room has been added. While it is relatively simple, it's still fun, although I do have to question the interior design instincts of the author ;) . The other noticeably new area is the garden. Advice for the author: don't ever use that water shader again. It's possibly the most horrible of the game's liquid shaders, and it gives that awful blue aura to anything nearby. You'll find a secret somewhere in the garden, but I'm not telling where. There are also plenty of secrets, and a few semi-secrets too.

Overall, my gripes remain largely the same as before. The texturing, while better, still follows a somewhat conformative setup. It doesn't look bad, but really, a little creativity never goes amiss. The lighting is, again, uniform, but it's fairly obvious by now that looks aren't what this map is made for. I assume the author has fixed the areaportalling on the doors, but I went through them with first-person noclip to get screenies this time, so I wouldn't know for sure. Oh, be sure to turn your music volume down a bit in the game's options, especially if you use a headset. Either that, or keep some aspirin nearby. :p

Overall, it's a fun map. Could be more in the aesthetics, but the mini-game potential more than makes up for it. Recommended for a download if you just like messing around - you'll have plenty of goofing off to do here.

~ Kouen

Bot Routing: No Custom Model(s): Yes Custom Texture(s): Yes Custom Music: Yes

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Download '' (7.9MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE**: Fun Jumping_Reloaded
AUTHOR**: XTrikstaX 
WEBSITE: None... I use to upload my maps

FILENAME: funjumping_reloaded.pk3
FILESIZE: 8,110 KB's
DATE RELEASED: September 27, 2006

CREDITS**: I give credit to all the people who made the textures from other maps that i used. Also credit to Revan for building such a great Game.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: Put the funjumping_reloaded.pk3 in your base folder

DESCRIPTION**: This map is a re-make of my original map, Funjumping. Some people liked that map, and i decided that it DEFINITELY wasn't nearly good enough. (Wasn't lighted properly, got boring quickly.) Anyway, Everyone who I have sent this map to, have all said they LOVE it. About 35 random people. Anyways, It's pretty awsome. There are a bunch of secrets, A few NPC rooms, and that fun Long drop in the middle. Give it a download, you won't regret it.

BUGS: Maybe a few texture disallignments that were impossible to allign properly.

COMMENTS: If you downloaded this map, You probably won't be dissappointed, or have regrets. Thanks again to all who did Download this map.


**Required items. 

Have Jedi Academy installed, and have the brains to put the .pk3 file into your base.

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