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This is a pretty nice CTF map, made especially atmospheric by the ambient wind sounds and cool lighting in the bases (especially the red one...


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This is a pretty nice CTF map, made especially atmospheric by the ambient wind sounds and cool lighting in the bases (especially the red one) and in conjunction with the ominous architecture - possibly Doom3 inspired, it makes for a pretty fun playing arena. I'm not too sure about what's happening near the top though. It seems like it could be a sky, judging by the wind noises, but up close its actually just a pitch black wall. It would probably have been bettter to put a starry sky here or similar. As for the layout, its pretty decent, with several routes to the flag, including a passageway through the pipework underground and a sort of hidden power room. A nice feature is that the flags are actually right next to each other, divided by a forcefield. Although tactically, its perhaps not the best setup to allow some good old sneaking around, for many it should help you to work out where the flag of the opponent is - I know I always have trouble finding it on a new map :)

The textures used are slightly bland, and even though that's what's expected of an industrial-type map, it still gets a little boring to look at sooner or later. Luckily, there's plenty of nice touches such as danger strips and glowing flares, similar to the Taspir map. The lighting is also very nice in most places, although near the underground pipe room its a bit off-looking and overall it's a little dark - but it all adds to the atmosphere right? (Oh, that's excluding the odd sign of a rebel holding a rocket launcher by the way ;) )

I'm not a huge fan of CTF in Jedi Academy myself, but I'm sure those who do play this will find it a nice map, although don't be expecting hundreds of different ways to the flag - its a fairly small map in width, but has multiple floors, so it's slightly bigger than it appears in the screenshots. Incidentally, there's no music, which increases the potency of the ambient noises, but drains a little of the atomsphere - I think it could be much better with the right style. Anyhow, these are all really only minor flaws, overall its a good map for a gametype that doesn't often get custom maps - and this map is clearly designed for CTF with coloured base areas e.t.c.

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No Bot Support: Yes

~Szico VII~

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Download 'fusion2.zip' (4.65MB)

Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy Modification


Author : cuko
Email  : claycup@cox-internet.com
Release Date: 2.19.05

Map Type: CTF
New Music: no
New Textures: Yes
New Sounds: no
New Shaders: Yes
Bot Support: Yes

I started mapping a couple of years ago just for fun. In my early maps I mostly experamented 
with all that could be done with triggers and shaders.  I left mapping for a while to really start
playing the game, Got involved in the cs/refresh/pugz community over a year ago and learned a bit about mapping.
Maps were mostly rated on aeshetics, but after so much hard work, were really just forgotten, finding little place on servers etc.
My favorite maps were actually by tritoch.  I'm not sure he even used patches etc, but the layout and design was built 
around gameplay and had a true tactical design.  I wanted to make this map all I could aesthetically, but mostly I had gameplay in mind.
My favorite ctf maps are ctf4, taspir station (tritoch),and Imperial cargo bay (Noobian). These were the major maps that influenced this one.
All of these had in common that they promoted improvisation in routing etc.  You arent stuck to choosing particular hallways hoping that they arent gaurded!
I jampacked this map with trickjumps and room for improvisation in gameplay.  Knowing the map well is the greatest way to up your game, so spend some time
getting aquainted with it.  Maybe jump on cs, or one of our other servers and spectate for a bit.
A demonstration of various jumps/routes will be available soon at www.chopshopservers.com.

I apologize for the earlier release with several flaws.
I combed this over and am sure its ready for the servers.



Special Thanks:

zod and Meush also for art contributions to this map.

B!, WTC, Pugz, CS, and Refresh for hosting some cool games. 

Oats, Ami, Vico, for advice, and Nubster and Pedro for finding exploits in beta.

pcgamemods for file hosting.

also the ctf mappers ion, zod, Noobian, and tritoch - dl their maps now!


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