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NOTE: This model uses the JK2 skeleton, even though he submitted it for JK3. This may cause some problems when attempting to use it in JK3....


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NOTE: This model uses the JK2 skeleton, even though he submitted it for JK3. This may cause some problems when attempting to use it in JK3.

WELL. Not every day you get something like this to review. I'll do my best to muddle through it, though I think screenshots would do it the most justice. Now as the author didn't leave any I've gone and taken a few in Modview for him. Basically what we have is a Mandalorian model with a ton of different, conflicted images pasted onto it. Not a single piece of the skin fits, aside from the torso; everything else looks butchered. Try again, my good sir. Maybe you'll do better next time.


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Author:Gabe Hefler
E-Mail:[email protected]	

File Name :Dalpta.pk3
File Size:   664 KB
Date Released: july 6th '08

Credits 			: All credits go to Elegovos for his awesome skin, the Cassuss Fett Skin! 

Description: 		: I edited his 'pink' jetpack to be blue, changed gauntlents to be mandalorian, made his face look like Bralor from KotOR 2 (hence 'braldor'), and even gave him new 'waist armor'. hope you like.
Comments		: elegovos, if your out there, THANKS for this AWESOME skin! i hope i made you proud this day!
Character Background: Braldor Is one of the Few Mandalorian Philosiphers, and is also skilled with saber combat. He also loves animals. Unfortunately he doesn't taunt much and is so much so into philosiphies, i've decided to give you something from his 8th grade paper excerpt on it:
	Well, when I think of animals, and my realtion ship with them, it often leads me to trail off into space about the person and animals, and how we are hipocritical either way when it comes to them. When we hate the things, we are both right and wrong, for the human race in many ways is a nest of festering animals, and we are far worse than any bee that could sting us, or any bear that would hunt us. Hypotheticly, in a matter of the dichotomy of good and evil (which i think does not exsist, and that it all simply perspective either way about anything), as at least they do not betray there own race for scraps of food or strive to be more than possibly intended for them. No, WE must go up and Beyond all beings with our vanity and conceided sense of purpose, to feel more evolved than these things. We even have made a name for these 'more intelligent' beings: sentients. However, if were truely intellegent, we would know that wisdom is what we strive for, and that we have failed at it horribly, unable to conceive that, possibly, we as a race are the root of all evil, if it truely exists. Delusions of grandure, among other things, blinds us to ourselves, we think that we are superior to every other race, that we are not primitive in any way, but in fact, this among (among many other traits) IS what makes us primitive. Perhaps the human race deserves it's views that they are important enough to be wiped out, as i do too, thinking my views are so  relevent and important to the world and it's survival that I myself have warped myself to the belief that I am important, when really the good of the people, though animals they may be, is what is or is not important. And perhaps the survival of the world is more important than that, but i would be wrong to think so. At this moment, though it is contraversial, only people who understand what i have stated are capable of saving the planet. And people may call me crazy, but the difference between a fall to insanity (which likely does not exist) and a sacrifice can be nearly unnoticable. I am thusly inclined to believe that to save this world, the human race must be ended, and that will prove difficult, be it that every race has the desire to fight to the end or die trying. It is fruitful for the person, but not for the world. Not always does the greater good revolve around a 'master race'. The relevence of this to itself is almost vengefull, when i myself believe that nothing is as important as people think  it to be, but is only as important as fate, if there is such a twisted thing, makes it to be. And if Fate does exist, it is a very twisted demon if i have ever known one. It would use us or other things to find some measure of balance in this universe that may or may not exist, using us to teach others lessons, or to destroy others lessons, not always for the general and overall ideals of good, if it even exists... if we even exist. I suspect that this all has a relevence to itself, but little to the reader, for most of this stuff is written down as i have prepared or as it has came to mind. I hope to some day upload a mod with this attached to it, spreading my ideas around the world, and making this known. But perhaps it is better that the world does not know, in order for the twisted thing called fate to take its corse, untill the time is right. This makes me want to quote shakespeare, in hopes of both winning some extra deluted points for my entry, and to get my point (if there is one) accross:Shakespear: ''To be, or not to be; that is the question. whether 'tis nobler in mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune; or to take up arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing, end them?''

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