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Inyri, would you think I am creepy if I said I love you? This file deserves that exact response. Err, the 'I love you' one, not the 'creepy'...


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Inyri, would you think I am creepy if I said I love you? This file deserves that exact response. Err, the 'I love you' one, not the 'creepy' one. :p

Oh jeez, this is obviously gonna be a bit of a biased review... I apologize in advance for that. XD

What I have for you all, thanks to Inyri Forge, is Final Fantasy VIII's Galbadian soldier. FF8 is my personal favorite out of the entire series of FF games, so naturally I would love any FF8 themed mods. This is no exception to that. Unfortunately, though, this isn't exactly up to the quality I would have wished on FF8 mods. I'm not saying it is bad, not by a long shot, but the texturing seemed a bit bland for me. I'll comment on that more in a moment...

The model also appears to have some rigging issues. When viewing it in ModView, I noticed that the weapon I attached to the hand (I used the included Galbadian Sword) was not actually sitting in the hand as it should, but in the fingers. A small problem, yes, but there may be others about. I didn't exactly want to go through every animation looking for errors if I was only reviewing the file.

Now, for the textures. The default skin is in the style of the blue clothed soldiers seen in FF8. The blue team skin is the same. The red team skin is called the 'elite' soldier for the bots, but to be honest, it is quite inaccurate to the game. The real Elite soldier was bigger, and wore a different style of clothing. It does work for a red team skin, though. There is also an extra skin, colored green with symbols on the shoulders, to resemble the Paratroopers mostly seen in the Galbadian and Balamb Garden attack part of FF8. It works well for that one, fortunately. All that is missing is their jetpack-type-things. For the actual quality of the textures, they look to me as if they were mostly meant to be temporary textures. The helmet and various parts on the body have more detail to them, but other parts look quite bland, as I said before. The problem for me is that they lack the small details, like really detailed shading. But, if a modder was willing to step up and reskin it with Inyri's permission, or if Inyri would regain the interest to do it, it has the potential to turn out beautifully.

The sword included looks pretty cool. It's a nice bonus to the model, I have to say, but unfortunately have little else to say about it, since I couldn't find any really good references to the weapon, and am not willing to sit through the game to find it and see it from it's source.

To be fair, skins of this quality would usually be passed upon by me for more detailed ones. I enjoy skins looking their absolute best when possible. However, my fanboyism prevents me from passing this one up. Of course, that isn't to say that the skinning is bad. Not at all. I'd recommend a download either way, fan or not, simply because I know that not everyone has my high level of expectancy in what the detailing should look like.

So give it a download and see for yourselves. Hopefully you won't regret it!


Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes New Sounds: No Team Support:Yes

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Download '' (3.57MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Galbadian Soldier
AUTHOR: Inyri Forge
E-MAIL: [email protected]

FILENAME: gsold_if.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 22 March 2008
BUILD TIME: 2 or 3 years... ish?

Team Support: Yes
Bot Support: Yes
NPC Support: Yes
New Sounds: No
SP Support: No

I'm just going to credit everyone, that way I'm safe! The original mod thread's like... gone now, archived etc, so I can't even see who was watching it. :p  Anyway, thanks to Square as always for not throwing C&D's at me.

Dump this is your gamedata/base directory within your Jedi Academy directory.

This contains one new model -- the Galbadian Soldier from Final Fantasy VIII. Those who followed it know how old it is, so I really just waned to wrap this puppy up and get it submitted before I lost _all_ interest in it. It contains team skins (red and blue; red is labeled as the 'elite' soldier for the bots) and it also has an additional paratrooper skin (green) with appropriate shoulder decals as seen in the FMV cutscene. Includes the Galbadian sword they were all seen with. :D


npc spawn gsold --> regular blue Galbadian soldier
npc spawn gsold_r --> red 'elite' Galbadian soldier
npc spawn gsold_g --> green Paratrooper

Just the normal stuff. Imperfect weighting/clipping, but I also opted against rigging the mouth in this model because nobody plays SP anymore... and if they do why would they want to play as a Galbadian soldier? -_-

This model's kind of a design I improvise a little on my own -- it's a mix of the game images, a concept drawing, and the FMV images. Hopefully it doesn't stray too much. Also keep an eye out on the bot messages in case you recognize any of them.

For maximum enjoyment I recommend the following mods used in conjuction with this model:;64534;55240;77838

You may not redistribute this file or any material contained within in any form without my express permission. If permission is given, this read-me must be included. It's not like I bite, so don't be afraid to ask. I'm not going to say 'no' unless your mod is a complete disgrace to the world, and there aren't many of those out there ;)


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