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What we have here is a scripted Microsoft Excel workbook set up to allow you to organise your clan. The mere fact that it is an Excel workbo...


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What we have here is a scripted Microsoft Excel workbook set up to allow you to organise your clan. The mere fact that it is an Excel workbook sp I'd rather not go in-depth on this, as it is pretty straightforward, and the author gives a pretty good breakdown in the readme.

I will, however, bring up the subject of how to open it. Your first thought, with it being a Microsoft Excel workbook, is that you need Excel to open it. This may be entirely correct, however, I have found another piece of free office software which might (and again in big letters for those who might hold me liable if it doesn't work properly: MIGHT ) be able to run this file, is OpenOffice, which is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. So, if you don't have Excel, give that a try.

Just take note that OpenOffice is untested, so it's compatibility with this file is uncertain, and as such, non-Windows users may be shut out.

Other than that, it's a useful little workbook for those who don't want to do all the work themselves, but personally I find making a database of my own so much more useful for this stuff.

~ Kouen

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Author: Samaul
Credits: Samaul, Microsoft for making the original Excel program

This is a new Game Clan Organiser for those wishing to have a more interactive database,
I have downloaded a couple in the past and they were either bland or couldn't store the info I
needed to store. I have created this Excel Workbook for those wishing to be more organised in the
running of their clan in ways that the other programs on offer could not.

Filename: Clan Organiser.xls
Compatible with: Miscrosoft Excel
For Game: Any
Filesize: Excel Workbook (132kb), Screenshots (3,662kb total),Total of Compressed zip folder 


Opening Screen - As far as I am aware, there are no glitches in the opening screen, but if there 
are any, please let me know.

Main - The only thing that I have to say about the main screen is that you have to press the save 
button after entering the information for each day, otherwise the information will be lost and 
when you click gather data, you will have the incorrect, old information and this could cause 
troubles for the organisation of the clan.

Ally/Enemy Page - This is a really basic worksheet, so I doubt anyone would find any problems 
with it. If you find any, or have a suggestion of how to make the sheet better, feel free to let 
me know.

Member Details - This worksheet is much more complex than the others and involves quite a load of 
coding and macroing. There are a few complications in this worksheet due to it's complexity and 
the fact that it uses multiple data series of the same type ie. A union of two columns etc . 
These problems involve: saving the data, gathering the data, and the ranking. Each of these 
problems is that I had to make two buttons for each of these actions and therefore the sheet is 
very crowded. You must press both buttons for each action to save or gather the two columns worth 
of information. With the ranking situation, I could not make it work properly, but it does work 
to some extent, it ranks the first to last in the first set of information, and then if you press 
the second button it ranks the other set of information in much the same way, it doesn't work if 
trying to sort the entire clan.

Final Words - I can't emphasise enough how interesting it was to make this program, what went 
right, what went terribly wrong. If you have found one of those things that went wrong or would 
just like to give me some general feedback, you can contact me at 

Hope you like my clan organiser.

S.J. Ludinski


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