Gangsta Lando

First off, I don't like gangsters. This is supposed to be a reskin of lando to be more gangster-like. Photosourcing a shirt, pants, and shoe...


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First off, I don't like gangsters. This is supposed to be a reskin of lando to be more gangster-like. Photosourcing a shirt, pants, and shoes doesn't cut it. While the shirt might pass, it doesn't do that much. Parts of the texture are repetitive, and the folds in it are supposed to make it look baggy. It doesn't really have that effect.

The pants just look like a jean texture, and that's what they are. No belt loops, nothing. Just a texture. They don't really look like clothes, either.

The shoes. The shoes are terrible. Yes, the author tried to make them look like sneakers, but didn't do them right. So, ingame they just look like white blurrs, with intermittent dark splotches on them.

My impression of a gangster would be a guy in really baggy clothes and lots of jewelry. None of that here. Just a reskinned lando. I think that the idea of a gangster would have been better suited to a custom model.

Well, if you like this, then give it a download.

Bot Support: Yes Npc Support: No Team Support: Yes New Sounds: No


Just as a side note so you don't get confused, the red team skin is the same as the default skin. That's why there are two screenshots.

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Name: Gangsta Lando
Author: JAWAmania
How long: A few hours.
When: 4/27/06
Info: Ever since I released the Disco Lando skin (it was my first), I wanted to skin as much out of Lando as possible. As soon as I learned that I can turn off certain parts (accesories).
That was one of the problems with Disco Lando, I used MGI Photosuite and I never turned off the accesories. In Gangsta Lando, you'll see Brotha Lando with earrings, a sweater, sneakers, and jeans to make him
look gangsta like. I admit that the sneakers were better than I thought it would be.

Bot Support: Yes
Team Skins: Yes
New Sounds: No (due to not having rap albums when I am glad of) :D

How to install: Simple put the pk3 file in the JA base to play with the skin.

What to come: I will be releasing Version 2 of Disco Lando and Version 2 Gangsta Lando. Also, I am releasing a clan skinpack for (JAWA) to use (If you are a (JAWA) member; I recommend downloading it). 
Don't forget that in the making will be Rapper Lando.

Special thanks to: MGI Photosuite, (for the clothes and earrings), Jedi Academy, Pakscape, Winzip, and for releasing the skin in their website.

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