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An interesting skin, at least at a first glance. Though I'm not into rap or any type of that specific genre, a nice skin is always at home i...


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An interesting skin, at least at a first glance. Though I'm not into rap or any type of that specific genre, a nice skin is always at home in my base (unless nobody uses it).

But when you look at it again, you can see problems. First off, the collar. That is a model fault and can be overlooked (even though it DOES look strange on "sk8wear". Then, the sweater itself, most notably the lower part. The real thing is long and is supposed to hang down, but since that is impossible on the specific model, I'd go with a shorter version of this clothing. It looks very strange on the jeans and it reminds me of Superman's underwear-on-top.

The jeans have a nice texture to them, which is fortunately not hard to make, you just need some grain, noise and minor touchups. One more reason for wearing jeans :P . I also noted one more thing. The jeans have pockets. Between the legs. I have lots of stuff in my pockets, keys, a mobile phone, my wallet, and I would hate to feel them in those intimate places. Sure, noone would even ATTEMPT to rob you, but hey - if you pay attention, you can walk both safely and comfortably.

There are team skins, each with a different texture for the jeans (someone likes to play with filters :P) and some really disturbing eyes, a bad attempt at Sith ones. Or maybe that's on purpose. Who knows?

And the sounds - I still haven't recovered from one of the Solid Snake soundsets: "Snake? Snake? SNKEEEE! Tum tum tum!" I never liked music in a death sound. And I never will. Unofrtunately, that's exactly what's waiting for you.

I cannot say if this is a bad or a good skin. Take a look below, at the screenshots. If you like it, go further down. If you don't... wait for V3.


Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: No Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes

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Name: Gangsta Lando Version 2.0
Author: (JAWA)mania
When: 5/2/06
Info: This is version 2 of Gangsta Lando. I had the sweater a bit lower as well as the pants lower. This skin is based on a what-if Lando became a brotha
This skin is no reference to GTA: San Andreas. I added new sounds as well as changed details. 
note: if you have Version 1 of Gangsta Lando, the pk3 file that is Gangsta Lando v2 will replace the pk3 file that is Gangsta Lando v1.

How to install: Simply put the pk3 file that is in the zipped file in the JA base. As simple as that! 

What to expect: 
3.0 of Gangsta Lando with NPC support
Bart Simpson model 
Mother Goose
Disco Lando V2
along with Punk Rocker!

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