Oh, I do so like getting my paws on Rift-themed maps. Don't know why. Just do. So as usual, here's the forewarning that this is a clan map....


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Oh, I do so like getting my paws on Rift-themed maps. Don't know why. Just do. So as usual, here's the forewarning that this is a clan map. If you're one of those with the inexplicable primal hatred of clan maps, now's the time to retreat back to the main page. Yupyup.

Before I begin, I'm going to leave a generalised message to game developers. Coding Rule #4: If it doesn't work, don't leave it in. The behaviour of JA's NPCs within the MP module is a joke, a perfect example of what happens when Rule #4 is ignored. Common sense dictates that if it's broken, you don't use it, and you don't leave in half a code module "just because" if you're not going to add the second half. There are two ways Raven should've handled MP NPCs: fix, or remove.

That's why I pretty much point and laugh at clans using NPCs as a 'skill test'. Skill ain't a factor, folks, not against NPCs in MP. The code is too borked for them to behave anywhere close to how a human player would, which entirely defeats the point of AI entities.

Ahem, onto the map. That aforementioned primal hatred? May be wise to supress it in this case, lest you miss out on a quality map. The architecture combines classic JA elements with unique twists, and on the whole it doesn't stay faithful to the Rift theme, but isn't particularly disruptive to it either.

As far as layout goes, we have all the usual suspects. Recreational area, meeting hall, bar, duel rooms (with observation level, naturally), main arena, there's also a trap house lying around (clue - the entrance is an Indy-esque tight squeeze). All the typical clan facilities you'd usually see utilised on any roleplay and/or non-FFA server. Layout overall is nothing too fancy, and the level setup flows and works well enough. The bar itself is a nice work of construction with it's entity usage. I'll refrain from going into detail on the private clan areas, since I get the impression I wasn't supposed to go in there, but suffice to say they continue the standards set out by the rest of the map - exceeding them, in fact. The obligatory office room definitely exceeds the standards, and quite tastefully furnished too if I may say so. First time I've walked into a clan's 'offices' and not felt like I was walking right into page five of the IKEA catalogue.

Resources, now this is the good part. Winsend has accomplished the task of constructing a map which deviates from a tried-and-true baseJA theme to something of a hybrid design, basically utilising only base resources. Sure, there's four or five custom textures knocking around in there, but not used in major parts of the map. However, in respect to the textures, I have to note that surface inspector wasn't implemented as much as it should have been.

Ambient audio has also been used in place of music (for the most part), which probably does more for the map than any music would have. Just two things. 1) The flame sound doesn't play as you probably intended; I'd take a look at it's settings. 2) Audio entities have a volume setting.

While there's feedback to be given and enhancements to be made, I'm not too happy about padding a review with those. 'tis why we have forums. The map is what it is. Something everyone will probably have a use for. By the way, kudos for the Ysalamiri.

~ Kouen

Bot Routing: Custom Textures: Yes Custom Audio: Yes Custom Meshes: No

(PS: If you use base assets, you don't need to include them in your pk3 - only custom assets need to be included. Could have easily chopped off a third of the filesize by leaving out unnecessary assets.)

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Title			: Ge-Rift-Clanmap
Author			: Winsend
E-Mail			:

File Name		: GE-Clanmap.pk3
Release Date		: Jun 2008

Description		: Multiplayer map vor jedi akademy, build to have fun xD

Additional Information	:This map is compatible with FFA-Team FFA-CTF 


New Textures: YES! All textures from winsend - The Eagle - Kane - Boss - Luke Skywalker Please ask before using.
Bot Routes: Maybe... prolly not... 

***NOTE***: works with JKA!!!

Just put the GE-Clanmap.pk3 in GameDatabase in yourJKA game directory, and it is selectable among the usual Multiplayer maps.

This time, thanks goes to all frends who help for that projekt

* Copyright / Permissions * 

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