Geonosis Complex

For those who are fans of the industrial style maps, here's another to add to your collection. Geonosis Complex is a dark map and is meant...


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For those who are fans of the industrial style maps, here's another to add to your collection. Geonosis Complex is a dark map and is meant to be dark, so keep that in mind. The desert terrain is perfect, so is the skybox. I'll get to the inside of the complex, but I have to point out how impressive the outside was. The screenshots can't show the elements out there. The wind is blowing, the clouds are blowing by, there's so much movement and it's all just amazing.

The screenshots also won't show the detail inside the complex. But they're fairly intricate. The chains hanging, the walkways, the lighting, the teleports ... I love it all. Great work here, Izzy, as always. :D

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA


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13th December 2004
Geonosis Complex for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Created by Robin "IZaNaGI" Molde
Build Time: 2 months
File Size: 15 MB
Programs used: Adobe Photoshop 7.0
	       MD3 View
	       GTK Radiant 1.4
	       A Potato


This is my submission for the 1st Jedi Academy FFA competition. Set on the desert world of Geonosis this small compound is primaraly used to research teleporter technology in order to move materials to the location of the first Deathstar.
This is my first MP map since the Forsaken Monument and my knowledge of the Q3 engine has vastly improved since-wise. Most of the techniques used in the map i have never used before, from the blended terrains to the animated Republic ships that fly by, so even if nobody else is impressed with this map i feel satisfied that this is my best work to date (mapping wise).
The map boasts many new textures, shaders, has new music by John Williams and models from Zymnotico and also from an unknown author which all in all help give the impression that the map genuinley feels like the Geonosis we saw in SW:AOTC.


A 6-8 man FFA map
New Textures
New Shaders
New models
Bot support

Known Issues

This is in fact the 28th version of this map, its as good as it gets.


Add the izzy_ffa_geonosis.pk3 to your jediknight "base" directory usually found in:
C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base
To uninstall just bung it in ya recycle bin

Special Thanks

First of all to, for not only hosting the competition but for the constructive critiscm given during its creation.
Zymnotico (SP?) for the creation of the Z19 Clone Starfighter and to the unknown author responsible for the Republic Gunship.
My mate Kenny (Cess-Qel Droma) for his support on the project ...
And finaly to my Special princess without her help and support i would have never built this map XXX

Lucasarts, Raven and Activision do NOT support the use of this map in any way
and neither they, nor i will be held responsable for errors it causes!!

I have run extensive tests and i have encountered no problems in using
this map apart from the ones stated above!!!

Robin Molde 2003

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