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Maps are always nice things, especially if the author has put effort into them. This is one such map. However, while effort has been...


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Maps are always nice things, especially if the author has put effort into them. This is one such map. However, while effort has been put into the design of this map, a very noticeably less amount of effort has been put into the finishing touches of this map.

I am going to start off by saying that the lighting in this map wasn't well done. In some areas lighting is near-to-nonexistent. And then there are all of the missing textures. In some rooms, the entire ceiling texture is missing. Textures are missing from other parts of the map, as well. It gets very annoying to have textures missing. I hope we'll see the missing textures included in the next version.

You spawn in what looks like a medical room, and are able to spawn medpacks and shields. This is the only place you spawn in. Anyways, you go out of the room, and get into the main, and quite small, hallway. The hallway has several doors. One goes to a hallway that ends with a door that's blocked by a ''Coming Soon" sign. But don't worry, there's a movie theater behind it. I don't know how to get to it other than noclip. Another one of the areas in the hallway is a swimming pool, with various levels for high-diving, or just lounging. One of the other areas is a shooting range, with lots of weapons, and four targets to choose from. (But three are only static targets, the fourth only rotates. I would have liked to see targets that actually moved around, seeing as there is scripting used in this map.) And yet another one of the rooms is what looks to be a dormitory. I like being able to choose a bed, push a button, close a door, turn off the lights, and go to sleep. It's very nice. And the final room in the hallway is the cantina! It's got a great big rotating menu, which I think rotates a little too fast, but it works. You have a nice little cantina, and then you can go outside via a rotating door (again, I think it rotates way too fast.) Anyways, you go out, and there's the Academy shuttle flying around! You can't go in it, which is a minor bummer. But you can ride on it! (I wouldn't recommend it, you'll just die. Although I did get into a bug, as I was forced into the area that the shuttle flew in. It was big. I tried replicating it, but to no avail.)

The duel area is the second big area. It's got lots of lava. And it's initially unreachable. But, not to worry, it's easy to get to. The spectator area has a control box that controls whether you can get into the area. It also can close up the edges of the dueling ring, making it so you can't go into the lava. You can also spawn rancors and at-st's. It's a nice little control area. There is a secret underneath. But I'm not going to tell you how to get to it.

And the third major area. The Detention Center (well...That's what I call it). I'll just point out the three most notable areas. The detention cells, which aren't much, but they're a big part of the area. The security area, which has a turret, lots of weapons, an emplaced turret, and spawnable droidekas, as well as the ability to lock doors in the area. And finally, the command center. Well, it's not really a command center, you can just lock down the detention area, and trigger a kill effect the the security room. Evil stuff.

In general, the author has made decent use of ''cameras'' and effects, such as being able to watch the dueling ring from the cantina. However, there are some problems. As I said before, there are a lot of missing textures. And there are some sound issues with the cantina. Meaning that sound ''leaks'' from the cantina into some parts of the adjacent areas. But the really big thing was lighting. There just wasn't nearly enough. I had to increase the brightness of my screen to even see detail in some rooms. You will notice in some of the screenshots I have enhanced the lighting to show you what those areas should look like with proper lighting.

There are several secrets, and I'm not going to tell you how to get to them, as I don't really know how to myself, so I'll just give you screenshots of some of them.

Bot Support: Yes New Models: No New Textures; Yes New Music: No


This version of the map eliminates all fixed texture issues. Everything in the previous review is still true, so I'll just quote Zach on it. :p

So, if you downloaded the previous version, download this one to get all the missing textures.

If you want to see screenshots, you can find them underneath the original review HERE.

~ Kouen

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Download '' (18.11MB)

German Duell - a Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy Map

Author : Meister Yoda
E-mail :
ICQ : 253505665
Web :

Mapname : German Duell
Filename : German
Filesize :  KB 18.543
Releasedate : 05/2006

Gametypes : ffa tffa duel

Brushes : 5572
Entities : 637

Botsupport : Yes
New textures : Yes
Secrets : Yes (2)
New models : No
New music : Yes/No (1 song is Modificated)


Put the .pk3 file into your 'JKA-Folder/GameData/base' folder.

» Meister Yoda


» Darth_NormaN
» Mr. Wonko
» ÐøÇ
» www.
» www.
» Sith-J-Cull for his Kamino textures
» Kahn for his Sith Council textures

Thanks to all of you.


I tested this map on a clear version of JKA (v1.0.1, without bonus mappack).
So if there are still some unexpected bugs then you have broken shaders
or assets in your base folder. If you are sure that this is not the case
contact me personally or in the forums I mentioned above.

To map with my shaders put "GermanDuell" into your shaderlist.txt!

I included the .map for learning purposes ONLY, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO COPY ANY MATERIAL OUT OF IT!!!


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