Ghesh and MK Cultist

This is a skin pack containing re-skins of the in-game Cultist and the Qui-Gon Jinn model by Toonces. The re-skin of Qui-Gon is more of a re...


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This is a skin pack containing re-skins of the in-game Cultist and the Qui-Gon Jinn model by Toonces. The re-skin of Qui-Gon is more of a re-color, with text added; the facial hair has been slighlty edited, and the clothing is a few shades darker. The cultist re-skins have a distinct Mortal Kombat flavor and a cartoony feel to them because of the flat textures.

The Ghesh skin is slightly disappointing, because so little has changed. Additionally, the "torso_robe" surface needs to be turned off. The cultist skins are actually quite nice; the soft edges are quite soothing. With a little tweaking, the skins would be an excellent download.

Technical Data:

Pros: 1) Cel-shaded Mortal Kombat style skins.

Cons: 1) No necessities.

Rating: 7/10

Bot Support: No Team Colors: Yes (Default Colors) New Sounds: No

JEDIofONE :mepimp:

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Download '' (3.12MB)

Readme For Ghesh’s Skins

OK here is my first four skins that I have put effort into, all four are just reskins or other ones, but made differently… The three cultist skins are a reskin of my good ol buddy TheOne’s skin. Just recolored with different eyes and facemasks, his clan skinner or exclan skinner SerraAngel did their skins, wonderful work she does, waaaay better then mine. The fourth Quigon Reskin (the tex_quigon skin) would have to be my personal one, I added it for kicks, and yes I love desann sounds, don’t worry only two skins have them, I will make my own when I get the stuff for it ;).

To install these four skins, this is my way and it works, definetly. 

Step #1 unzip the zipped files to your documents, that way you get past the password crap.

Step #2 copy one of the skins to start off with, im using Ermac.pk3 as an example, copy him and send it to the base folder to be pasted

Step #3 to get to the base folder you must go IN THIS ORDER TO GET TO IT
My Computer
Local Disk
Program Files (ignore warning)
Starwars Jedi knight Jedi Academy

Paste the pk3 and test out my cool skins

Known Bugs/Glitches

For the three cultist skins, there is one bug, when his face turns the small right area of his jaw appears invisible, hardly noticeable though and when your moving it doesn’t show, so don’t worry about that

For my personal skin, while I was taking away the robe for quigon, there seems to be a little gray blockyish area, but you don’t notice it from the back, if you have cg_dismember 3 on and he gets cut in half it shows a ghost torso… none of the bugs/glitches I have though are serious and can damage your computer seriously, its just a not showing up area, my skins though are easily able to get used to though, and I hope you enjoy them very much.

Hope you enjoy my skins, if I get a good review then I will continue to make more, and maybe even learn to make some maps and weapons… who knows? In the meantime enjoy your skins! :D

Author: Ghesh

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