Ghosts Zanpakto 1st Release - Cruel and Unusual Blades

Do you watch Bleach? The only time I ever do is when its either been poured down the toilet or the sink… but of course I’m not talking about...


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Do you watch Bleach? The only time I ever do is when its either been poured down the toilet or the sink… but of course I’m not talking about that kind of bleach! :P In reference to this mod, Bleach is a popular media franchise covering comics and anime, though I have never seen it myself and don’t really know much about it other than what I have read on Wikipedia.

Anime / Manga is of course well known for its absolutely crazy looking swords and other weapons. Usually they are about as big as the person wielding them or have shapes that defy the laws of physics! :P Anyway, here we have a pack of ‘Cruel and Unusual Blades’ which I presume have been based off those seen in the anime or comics. True to form these are damn scary looking and are weapons you wouldn’t want to be on the pointy end of!

This pack contains quite a lot of new weapons to use, a full list of which can be found in the readme. These are all very well made, and I didn’t encounter any bugs other than that no sound plays when you use the saber throw. Other than that they work perfectly and I think this is a really cool pack for anyone interested in the Bleach series. Those who are uneducated about Bleach and what it is about (like me) will find this pack slightly confusing, as all the names are in Japanese. Though thankfully not actual Japanese characters! So to the untrained eye it’s very difficult to tell some names apart, and impossible to know what they mean unless you look them up. This isn’t really a problem though, as anyone who is interested in downloading a new weapon pack will be sure to enjoy these.

All in all a very well made weapons pack here, a must download for any Bleach fans and I think this is also something that anyone interested in downloading a new weapon pack will enjoy. If you are a fan of Bleach, or just like the look of this weapons pack, be sure to give it a download! :D

New Hilt Model: Yes New Sounds: No


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Ghosts zanpakto 1st release - cruel and unusual blades
AUTHOR: Ghost (Filefront username: Cloudflint)

FILENAME: ghosts_zanpakto_r1.pk3
FILESIZE: 1.07mb
DATE RELEASED: 26 Febuary 2009

CREDITS: Hmm well probably the bleachmod team for testing out these swords and giving me good feedback.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Place the pk3 in your base folder.


This is a set of weapons from the anime "Bleach". I have created these swords primarily for bleach mod but they are such good fun to use for a bleach fan that I thought I would release them to the public!

This pack contains 5 zanpakto and an added bonus weapon.

These are all zanpakto which I consider to be interesting and unique, with strange designs or outher uniqe attributes that make them diffrent from the usual katana.

The zanpakto included are:

Shunsui Kyorakus Katen Kyokotsu (shikai)
Jushiro Ukitakes Sogyo no Kotowari (shikai)
Izuru Kiras Wabisuke (shikai)
Rukia Kuchikis Sode no Shirayuki (shikai)
Shuhei Hisagis Kazeshini (shikai)

And as an added bonus:

Uryu Ishidas Seele Schneider

There are also offhand versions of Katen Kyokotsu and Sogyo no Kotowari so that if you want to dual wield them you can choose the offhand version for the second hilt and the blade will be held at the correct angle.

BUGS: None. That I know of. These blades may not be 100% accurate to the manga or anime but mostly this is due to limitations of the JKA engine.

COMMENTS: I hope you all like these weapons, I imagine it will be mostly bleach fans who will use these however I think the swords are interesting and unique enough that anyone with a love of exotic or interesting weaponry could enjoy them too.

<shameless plug> 
These where made for use in the bleach mod which is being developed and which I am a member of. Visit and help support the mod by joining the modding team or just giving us encouragement! We are still in early days but we are keen and are beginning to gain momentum! 
</shameless plug>

All the zanpakto included in this pack are in their shikai state however they have no special effects, youll have to wait for bleach mod for that!

PERMISSIONS: These weapons may be used by the Bleach mod team provided credit is given to myself. If you want to use these weapons as part of another project you may do so only if you ask me first!


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