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NPC rating: ½ (out of four) — 2/10 There are mini-mods that do small things that make a big difference in your level of enjoyment, and th...


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NPC rating: ½ (out of four) — 2/10

There are mini-mods that do small things that make a big difference in your level of enjoyment, and there are mini-mods that do small things that don't really make you enjoy the game more, and then there are mini-mods that make humungous objects that make no difference in your level of enjoyment, perhaps even lowering it. The "Giant Jawa" NPC mini-mod, which also included a slightly larger "Hazard Trooper" (the stormtroopers that walk around inside refrigerators blasting you with concussion rifles on that planet in the single-player mission that rains acid) NPC, allows you to spawn a Jawa that is probably bigger than a rancor, but unfortunately it's not worth how it sounds.

I'll first confront a problem, not with the mod, but with the concept of it: the grueling lack of effort or creativity. It does not take talent or a great amount of thinking or work to come up with the concept of "BIG JAWA," as opposed to, say, the "Big Bang" theory. I don't expect anyone to be a physicist, but the author could perhaps have come up with a nicer name than "Giant Jawa" or "Super Jawa." At least the author didn't actually call it "Big Jawa"; that would be quite embarrassing.

Just for your information, in-case you randomly decide to download this file, the way to use the NPCs is incorrect in the readme. To spawn it, you either have to be in cheat mode ("\devmapall map_name_here" in multiplayer; "\helpusobi 1" in multiplayer) and type "\npc spawn SuperJawa" or "\npc spawn Haz", or be using a mod that supports NPC spawning where you have the proper permissions to do so, and run those commands.

What's really unfortunate is that the Jawa NPC itself is rather unstable. It twitches around, sometimes too fast for realism, and it just doesn't act like a Jawa. Other neutral NPCs also don't act like their real counterparts, but no one else crouches down and back up so fast and so often that it looks as if it's vibrating. This problem stays with the Super Jawa NPC, which has merely been scaled to a much larger size, and now with an added problem: the tangible area of the model is reduced to just the very bottom of the Jawa, somewhere in the middle. I can fire rockets that will hit at the Jawa's robe in-between his legs, but if I fire it at his head, it will just go right though. (This also seems to be the case with the Hazard Trooper, which fires at you at the same time.)

The author really could have pulled through some more effort. I'm not sure if he knows how to do more than create NPC files, because this file doesn't tell me anything about him. It has no point, no concept, and buggy execution—but if you really love the idea of firing at a Jawa larger than a rancor and having the shots go through it and seeing the Jawa inexplicably twitch around convulsively, go ahead and download this file. Have the time of your life.


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Giant Jawa  (NPC)

FILENAME: nazzwillenjoy.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 13th October 2005

CREDITS: Thanks to Nazzar and someone else that would rather not be 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Just unzip to your Gamedata\Base folder......if 
you havnt learnt by now, your dumb

DESCRIPTION: To use the file you have to type /spawn model superjawa into 

BUGS: None, exept he is one big boy 

COMMENTS: Dont get on the wrong side of him, i mean he is massive, real 


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