(<GJO>) Academy V3

I’ve had a few of Zid’s maps, and I’ve seen how he’s got better and better, and now, he brings us his latest, and best map so far. He really...


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I’ve had a few of Zid’s maps, and I’ve seen how he’s got better and better, and now, he brings us his latest, and best map so far. He really has progressed quickly at mapping, if he keeps going at this rate he will be brilliant before long ;)

As I said, this is his latest and best map so far, it’s a medium sized academy map, which seems to be primarily for the GJO clan, although I only ever noticed ONE reference to anything to do with GJO. For the most part, the map just looked like a general academy map, which you really wouldn’t think was associated with any particular clan.

Really this is a map any clan could enjoy. The main hall area is really cool I think, with a nice, but unusual mixture of different textures. The rest of the map is also textured quite nicely :) The architecture is nice, and also quite simple. Probably my favourite room was what seemed to be the council room, I cant think what it reminded me of, but it was brilliant! Oh and don’t forget the banana bar too! (Yes that is a bannana you see in the screenshot ;) )

I think its a good thing to have simple architecture in a clan, or academy map, where there is gonna be a lot of duelling, or FFA’ing n’ stuff, because its easy on the eye - you don’t have to concentrate too much on your surroundings whilst duelling. So you can concentrate more on your opponent. It also keeps the frame rate decent, which is a must especially when you’re duelling!

As with all clan maps there are secrets to be discovered here, and they’re pretty cool too, not just your average “secret room” these are interesting secrets ;)

As with all maps, there’s always something that can be improved upon.

Here I noticed that there was quite a bit of z-fighting in some areas, there were also one or two places where the lighting could be improved, like in the round duel room, with the pool in the middle. Perhaps if there were some torches, or lamps on the 4 pillars, to give some more natural lighting. Also, it could really do with bot support. That’s something all authors should try and put in their maps. There’s an excellent tutorial here: http://jediknight2.filefront.com/info/BotWaypointTutorial I know it says JK2, but it works fine for JKA too. Perhaps most of all though, it could really do with some weapons and ammo for FFA’ing! :(

Not a bad map at all here, I’m sure its something you might like to take a look at if your in a clan ;)

Oh, and last of all, the music on the map is swt! You gotta love that matrix music ;)

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA


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Download 'gjoacademyv3.zip' (9.19MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: (<GJO>) Academy V3 
AUTHOR: ZidZabre 
E-MAIL: ZidZabre@Hotmail.com  

FILESIZE: 9.7 MegaByte 
DATE RELEASED: 13/08/05 

CREDITS: RavenClaw For texturing....And JJawa, Achilles & Arsen For testing this map with me....
And i would also want to thank (<GJO>) for supports and ideas...
And the music from Matrix SoundTrack....Clubbed to the death.....Dunno who made it tho....

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Place this pk3 in your Base folder. 

DESCRIPTION: This is a clan map for my clan...The third version^^
This map have several duel places...
Lava room
Ice room
Yavin like green tree and stuff room
Water room

And then there is a council..
This council have 2 buttons one activates a force field to surrond the one who stands b4 trial..
The second button locks council.

The banana bar(the outdoor place)
this place have several secrets...

i choosed to not included weapons in this map due to the following reasons:
1.this is a rp map..
2.we dont use weapons in our servers..
3.Im too lazy...:)

BUGS: There might be several bugs...but they are not fatal... 

COMMENTS: OMG OMG OMG third and last version of this map^^ 


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