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If you are looking to add a new edge to your model, you might want to consider using a diffrent .gla. The .GLA is a file that can give ur ch...


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If you are looking to add a new edge to your model, you might want to consider using a diffrent .gla. The .GLA is a file that can give ur character the ability to use diffrent animations. If your bored with the defualt human one, you can change it. This pack contains 8 animations for all of you who mod. These can add an interesting effect to your models.


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Thanks to: RazorAce, RenegadeofPhunk, Corto, Wudan, ASK, and many others for help in testing these out in-game and providing the tools neccesary to merge them into the main GLA.

Installation Instructions:

Well first off most of these are only useful to coders and animators. 
So you can stop reading if you don't belong to that category.

I've included several GLA animation files ready to be merged into the _humanoid.gla with the use of ASK's glamerge tool.
Once merged they'll need to have the frames for each move defined in the animation.cfg.

Build time: More than long enough. Took forever to tweak the Saber and Block styles.

Other Notes: I have the motion capture files available for the saber and block styles for those that are interested.

Melee System Overhaul:

Punch Left and Right
Torso and Lower Melee Block
Charging Shoulder Bash (Run)
Run Jump Kick (run)
Off Balance

Run moves are based off BOTH_RUN1
Everything else is based off BOTH_DUAL_SABER_WALK

Saber Melee System:

Back Hand
Back Kick
Spin Kick

These are melee moves used with saber in hand and based off the idle move of each style. (Both_Stand2, Both_DualStance, Both_StaffStance)

Saber Blocking System:

Da Beast!

8 positions in front, 4 in back.
Transitions to and from each other and idle. For each STYLE! Based off the prospective stances.


New single hand saber style. Flashy!


Mandalorian Flame Thrower Anim...

These are as is. I offer no support. Use Lucasforums - Showcase/General Editing for questions.

And finally, TIme for me to move on. Other than some specialty work for Movie Battles This will be my final work for JKA.

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