Okay, now how shall I describe this map? Well, I’ll compare it to the old one, since basically all W4rbird did was take the source for the o...


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Okay, now how shall I describe this map? Well, I’ll compare it to the old one, since basically all W4rbird did was take the source for the other map and add stuff onto it. Two new levels, ‘better’ lighting, weapons, npc’s that spawn, and traps have been added.

The two new levels don’t really do much, except give you farther to fall, or jump. But in my opinion they needlessly expand the size of the map. The lighting…in my opinion is not ‘better’, just changed. How so? The color is different on each little level. Weapons and other items have been added, although there’s NO weapon specific ammo, which reduces the playability/challenge of doing gun battles in this map. Out of ammo? Go grab another weapon, and get a refill from the ammo dispensers around it! That brings me to item placement. It’s almost as if there was no thought put into it at all. There was a line of bacta tanks in one place, although I may be mistaken. So, basically, this really isn’t suited for gun battles at all, since it’s unbalanced.

‘Fun’ elements? Traps? Those are for RP, or for being hazards that will be run into often. I found one trap in this map, and when I touched I was greeted with a very annoying “LOL xD” on my screen, followed by blaster bolts. Are spawning npc’s fun? Not to me. They’re only fun if I want them there, and if I want a nice, quiet duel with someone I have to kill the bots first. There have been other things added to this map, one of which is a tower of floating Morgan heads. This brings me to ask this question: Why? If it was some evil shrine, then whatever, but it’s a tower of heads. Oh, one other thing that really annoyed me is that the pit doesn’t kill you anymore! Yeah! Now you get some annoying “Yahoo!” text shoved in your face, and then you’re teleported to the top. That totally destroys the “watch your step” idea behind the original map.

Now, to my main question: Why take someone’s source, and change it when the map is so incredibly simple? That just strikes me as lazy. With someone’s source, you have to move things around, change things, and you feel cheated in the end because not all of it is yours. I just wonder how hard it would’ve been to make your own version, and not use someone’s source.

Is this worth downloading? I’m not going to say. Is it an improvement in my eyes? No. But it’s your eyes that matter.

Bot Support: Yes New Models: Not really New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Gametypes: FFA


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A Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Map
TITLE: Glassmap v2
AUTHOR: W4rbird

DATE RELEASED: 5th February 2007 

- Jonny2199 - creator of the original version of 'Glassmap' map. He stated at;74273 in his fourth comment, that he don't mind wheter somone will use his .map file, which he included along with his work, therefore I am taking this opportunity to improve his map and giving him proper credit. Of course, I asked for permisson of doing so and has been granted with it. Also original 'ReadMe' file is included;
- Julian Soule - music file;
- Raven Software/LucasArts Ltd. - sounds and of course other related stuff.
The map also uses my reskin of Tavion (Tavion reSKINed). I don't need to credit myself, do I?

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Just unpack the archive and place a *.pk3 file in your /Base folder.

DESCRIPTION: A v2 of quite new map produced by Jonny2199 called 'Glassmap'. I improved or changed many things: 
[+]MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS: incerased size of map - 2 new elevations, better lighting - different on each elevation, added weapons and other pickupable items, spawn point on each elevation, music, changed map playabilty - added traps (shooters) and other 'fun' elements (4 spawners), bot routes - see how cool is to fight with bots now;
[+]MINOR IMPROVEMENTS: more glass to break, varius kinds of glass - not only one type - plain glass (env_glass), falling to the end of map does not kill, but teleports to the highest elevation, added some rotating objects (check which ones!) and some deadly lightning & electricity effects, changed brushwork in many places - added new brushes to incerase outlook of the map, all external and most of the non-viewable brush faces are caulked, compiled using - bounce 8.
I think I've enumerated everything. One thing about the items, most of better ones are hidden and are not easy accessible or noticable. Have fun, enjoy and don't to forget to test this map with bots enabled (preferably 8 bots)!!!


BUGS: If any, help me eliminate them by e-mailing me. You can try to eliminate them by yourself, of course.

COMMENTS: In case making v3 of this map I enclosed .map file of the current version. Don't forget to credit Jonny2199 and me :P (and to include his and mine 'ReadMe' files).


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