Glider Vehicle

46glider_vehicle.zip —


brings us this cool little mod which actually allows you to fly the Glider! Flying around on a giant lizard bird thing? Yes please! :DTo spawn the glider, you need to make sure cheats are enabled on the server, or your server has a mod like JA+ which allows people to spawn vehicles. To spawn the glider you need to put:/npc spawn vehicle glider_vehicleIn the console!Ok so maybe you dont exactly fly 'on' it, unfortunately the character does not appear to sit on top of the bird, which is a shame, but I honestly have no idea how you could mod this to make the player appear to be sitting on the glider. Still, I guess you could pretend you are the glider. Maybe pretend to be a Hitchcock style psycho bird and just randomly attack people?! Unfortunately though this bird does not carry guns under its wings, so you will have to use the beak!Either way I had quite a bit of fun flying this around, and there are also some new sounds as well! Amusingly the bird actually 'explodes' when it takes enough damage. Evidently it must have eaten something rather combustible for lunch!All in all a very fun little mod here, give it a try! :D~Nozyspy~


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