God's Judgement

I was sincerely worried about this map when the author sent me pictures that showed missing textures. Fortunately there don't seem to be any...


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I was sincerely worried about this map when the author sent me pictures that showed missing textures. Fortunately there don't seem to be any, though the fact that he would even send them makes me wonder how thoroughly he tests in maps, and whether he cares to go back and fix things or not.

Speaking of "fixing things", there are a lot of things that need to be fixed. The first thing I noticed was the z-fighting of the lifts with the floor; not a very good first impression. I subsequently got stuck on one of those big rocks and had to kill myself to get back down. Then, upon taking the lift to the top level (and mind you if you step on one lift, they both go up - they are not independent of one another) the sky shader was broken. I thought to myself "well, it's probably a base folder conflict," so I emptied out my base folder. Still not working. Oh yeah, and the music doesn't work either. I got all excited when I checked the PK3, too, because it was one of my favorite songs...

As for the actual map, it's a square, and a very small one at that. The texturing is alright, but it's still just a square, and while it might be kind of fun for a duel, it actually made me a little claustrophobic. As I'm told, square maps are the sign of a mapper that's still new to the trade. Some advice: fix up your errors before you send it out, and worry about that more than expanding your mapping style, as that will come in time.

New Textures: No New Models: Yes New Music: Non-functional Bot Support: No


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Author: MasterDragoon
Email: dj.maffo@gmail.com

ok thank you for downloading my map which i hope u would enjoy :) 
this map is split into 2 parts lower and a upper. there is a lift which goes up when u near it to the upper which you would be surrounded by egyptian lamps and also guards with lightning goin through them etc there is a black fog so make it more godly feeling eheh but you will spawn at the lower level which contains the lift starters but also some rocks to have a little fun with so please enjoy my map 
no taking the map objects without permission please thank you

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