Goku Final Version Beta

Szico's review of the previous version of Goku:

Here is the third Goku skin by asgWULF, compatible for JK2/JK3 and although Goku...


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Szico's review of the previous version of Goku:

Here is the third Goku skin by asgWULF, compatible for JK2/JK3 and although Goku's body looks better than the previous two, there are no custom sounds, and the face and arms look awful As many of you may know, this is based on the Cloud model from Final Fantasy 7 (a very good skin) and the author has definitely chosen the best model for this skin. However, the face skinning is absolutely dreadful - even for a cartoon which is meant to be simple, it looks very messy and not much like Goku at all. He also has a small gap betwen his head and his body, around the back of the neck. Thankfully, it's not very noticable. Another thing, where are the cool designs on his top which are seen in the series, such as the turtle logo and King Kai's emblem? And what about that ugly logo in the top right-hand corner? What the hell is it? Arrrrgh!! Ugly! On a side note, the clothes look bare. Again, the author says this is an improvement to his 1.5 version, but if so, how come there are no custom sounds anymore?!! Anyway, until something better comes along, this Goku skin is the best you will get, and credit to the author for his perseverence.

asgWULF is a prolific skinner. Especially when it comes to Goku. This is what ... his fourth version of it? Is this an improvement since his last creation? Gah. I don't know. They're all starting to look the same to me. I think the face looks better, maybe. The arms definitely look better, but the skin tone seems a bit too pink compared to his neck and face. Still, there are no new sounds. Why not? Don't label this the final version if you haven't added sounds yet! According to the readme though, this isn't the last you'll see of Goku. Stay tuned for the Final-Final version. ;)

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: No


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Download 'gokubetafinal.zip' (630KB)

Goku Final Version Beta

Special Thanks,
	Chairwalker for making the Cloud model and the skin.
Ekko for his Cloud(New) skin.

ModName: Goku
Skinned By: asgWULF
Released: July 10th, 2004

	Goku's backstory:
		Character from DB, DBZ, abd DBGT.

	NPC SPAWN Goku 1 to 3.

	If you don't like DBZ please do no rate or comment on my skin.
	Do not submit or link this skin to ANY site with out my permission.
	There will be two versions of the final; beta and beta2.
	Includes Team Support
	Includes Bot Support
	Super Saiyan Skins (SSJ)


	Custom Goku sounds if any one can send me some.
	Improved arms if anyone can help me with that.
	Improvements based on the comments and suggestions I get.



	Not supported by Raven Labs or LucasArts.  Download at your
	own risk.

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