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Phew, a lot of maps flying in lately! It's hard to keep up with all of them. Here we have a medium-sized duel map that was based on the...


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Phew, a lot of maps flying in lately! It's hard to keep up with all of them.

Here we have a medium-sized duel map that was based on the theme of Final Fantasy VII's Gold Saucer Theme Park. For those of you who have played Final Fantasy VII, I'm sure this duel map will feel very familiar to you.

This map is filled with many different color varieties, but it's only focusing on the entrance zone of the Gold Saucer Theme Park. If I remember correctly, the actual Theme Park in the game is quite "massive." Since this is just the duel map version, don't expect anything over the top. Most of the things you'll find here are small, and appropriate for a duel map.

If you take a look around, you'll notice a lot of different architectural structures. One of the first structures you'll notice is a small house. You can't go in it, but it's just there for decoration. The largest structure you'll come across is a tram I'm guessing, but It could be classified as a ride too. Other than those two things, all there's left to see is the Entrance with the welcome sign. Oh, before I forget; If you take a look above the tram roof, you'll find three moogles staring down at you! Or maybe they're staring into the distance.. It's always hard to tell what they're looking at actually. >_>

The last thing I'd like to talk about is the trees. The author decided to add shaders onto them, to give them a glowing yellow effect. It actually makes the map feel twice as good if you ask me. It also gives the entire area that ''dim'' feel. Also, if any of you have the White Cloud model, I'd highly suggest using it when you're dueling on this map! But don't forget to use dynamic glow with it, because then you can blend in with the trees! Or wait... o_O

Overall, this isn't a bad duel map. I've always loved Final Fantasy VII, and I love when people make Final Fantasy based maps too! It's all so exciting when somebody takes the effort to make an amazing area from such amazing games. Anyways, I hope to see the FFA version of Gold Saucer soon! I'm quite excited for it, just so all of you know. If you thought I was excited with this version, just wait.... :p

If you loved Final Fantasy VII, then this is definitely worth a download! :)

New Textures: Aye New Sounds: Aye New Music: Aye Bot Routes: Nay Game Types: Duel, Power Duel


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: The Gold Saucer 
AUTHOR: BormKloon 

RELEASE : 27/02/2009

MAP NAME: The Gold Saucer


CREDITS: Thanks to Squaresoft/Enix for Final Fantasy 7.



Simply extract the GoldSaucer.pk3 to your JKA GameDatabase Folder. 


DESCRIPTION: A duel map based on the theme of Final Fantasy VII's Gold Saucer theme Park. Basically its a 
simple duel map focusing on the entrance zone of the Gold Saucer. A free-for-all version is in the making, no telling
when it will be done though.


GLITCHES/ERRORS/BUGS: I couldn't find any game breaking errors or anything while testing/playing. I think
if there are any errors to be found they would be merely asthetic, however should anyone find some crippling defect
within the map please let me know.

-Regarding Bot routes, I apologise for not including them in this version, 
I did plan/attempt to, but they gave me more trouble then they were worth.


ADDITIONAL NOTES: Well, I think its worth noting this map is nothing special, I simply needed an idea to practice
my mapping on. I was thinking something preferably dark, like a night time map. And I wanted to test out some shader lighting
and curved architecture. But most of all the map area had to be small, or at least duel size.

-There were several liberties taken in the design of this level due to reference restrictions.

-This readme is a copy of the Rusty Bucket Bay readme, it may contain traces of rust, banjo's or kazooies.



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