Golden Shadow

Toxious brings us another new skin here, called Golden Shadow. This is a simpler reskin than his recent Eclipse skins though. Basically here...


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File Description

Toxious brings us another new skin here, called Golden Shadow. This is a simpler reskin than his recent Eclipse skins though. Basically here we have a Shadowtrooper (personally one of my favourite player-models) that has been reskinned into a bright golden colour, hence the name Golden Shadow.

Personally I think this skin looks like the ‘Jedi Oscar’ statue that we had on the PotD recently, and I quite like it. I think I must be some kind of human-magpie hybrid, since I have an attraction to shiny things! :P

Anyway, the author has also re-coloured the small Artusian crystal that sits on the Shadowtrooper’s chest, and re-coloured the area around his eyes and mouthpiece into a silvery colour. All in all a simple but striking reskin.

However there are definitely some areas I feel could be improved upon here. One of the main ones is that this skin doesn’t feature team support, although Toxious’ recent Eclipse v2 did. Another big one is that the skin is quite plain. Personally I think it would be cool to add some lines to emphasise the main parts of the Shadowtrooper’s armour, so as to make the skin less flat. Also add some more definition around the visor area on the helmet, because from certain angles the silver parts blend in with the gold and it almost looks as though he doesn’t have any eyes.

Lastly in line with what I said about Eclipse v2 it would also be cool to add in some custom sounds.

All in all though, a simple but effective reskin here, which I think looks quite cool. Though I also think there could be some improvements made to the overall look and feel of it, if the author chooses to do a v2.

So if you guys like the look of this skin, give it a download! And don’t forget to leave the author some good feedback and tips so he knows what to improve upon for next time.

Keep up the good work Toxious! :)

New Sounds: Yes (the normal Shadowtrooper sounds have been changed to another Base JKA soundset, from a Jedi I think). Bot Support: No NPC Support: Yes Team Support: No


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: GoldenShadow
AUTHOR: Toxious/Hydra Assault Skin Team	

FILENAME: GoldenShadow.pk3 
FILESIZE: Approx. 300kb


INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Go to my computer, C drive, program files, lucasarts, jedi academy, game data, base, and paste the pk3 files you want into the base folder.

DESCRIPTION: A re-skin of the shadowtrooper. I've placed a small metal looking effect on it. I then re-coloured the metal to two different shades of yellow.
Now, that doesn't look very golden, yet. I then placed a shiny like shader on it. I've also re-coloured the button on the front, and the eyes/mouth to a white,
then blurred them a bit. This skin is spawnable.

BUGS: None that I know of. 

COMMENTS: Skins made my Toxious and/or Hydra Assault Skin Team. I hope the skins are to your liking, and you enjoy them. DO NOT USE THESE SKINS IN ANY MODIFICATION.


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