I'm used to duel maps being small, but boy this is tiny. It reminds me of an industrial-themed boxing ring, without the ropes. It is...


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I'm used to duel maps being small, but boy this is tiny. It reminds me of an industrial-themed boxing ring, without the ropes. It is one room, with a door on one end (which doesn't open) and an octagonally shaped platform making up the main section. This platform is raised from the main floor by what I imagine to be about seven feet. The lighting is relatively dim, but it does seem like each light in the map has a source, though it seems like the central lights are a bit... bright, to be casting light so far ;)

One part I like the best is that the author breaks up the gloomy grey with a bit of red on each side. It's little things like a splash of color that can turn what would have been a somewhat boring map into something a little more interesting. Another feature I found interesting was the wires hanging down from the ceiling. I almost didn't notice them at first. Only when I was taking screenshots did I notice them as they got in my way. Those wires, coupled with the rounded pipes on either side, helps to ease some of the harsh lines within this map, making it a little softer on the eye.

Overall I think that, while this kind of style is probably somewhat overdone at this point, the map itself by its own merits is relatively well-made, and has elements of good architecture along with good map-making. It could stand a bit more creativity, though. Despite the round areas, the sharp areas, and the splashes of color, it's really quite empty and square, and with no music it tends to gte a little dreary. However I imagine it will make for quite a good dueling arena and will not distract you from the task at hand: hacking away at your opponent.

New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: No Bot Support: No


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Map Author: The One - the proud member od guArdians Order

Authors E-mail: downloader1@o2.pl

Map Name: gols_duel

Orders Link: http://guArdians-jka.com

Release Date: 01.01.2006

Known Bugs: none

ABOUT THE MAP=================================================<

The action takes place in a little hangar/storage room
inside of an Imperial Complex located somewhere oout of space.

HOW TO INSTALL================================================<

Just Extract the archive using winrar or winzip,
and place the *.pk3 file into your base folder.

TEXTURE CREDITS FOR THE AUTHOR================================<

First of all I have to congratulate the great work with fearis,
it inspired me to do that hangar, and I appreciate that you
allow other mappers to use your textures, its very kind :)

quote from the fearis readme:

- base*rav* and few other textures are from the original game,
- additional base* textures are from Nvidia, different free sources
  or have been created from scratch,
- all the rest has been created by me. You _CAN_ freely use them in your projects.


so, to be clear, all credits for the textures go to Mslaf
- the author of fearis Incident map and it's textures.


I havent clipped the map, because I hate when you cant get
somewhere because of clipping, so, its free from clippin' ^^



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