Grand Jedi Skills: *Flaw Stories

Here we have the Jedi Academy version of the JK2 map Grand Jedi Skills: *Flaw Stories. The original review, which bas...


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Here we have the Jedi Academy version of the JK2 map Grand Jedi Skills: *Flaw Stories. The original review, which basically still applies:

This is a big map, if you hadn't gotten that from the very high file size. Proportionally I wouldn't consider the file size extreme, though, because this map is gigundous. Yes, non-English speakers, I just made up a word. You should see what the spell checker tried to change it to, though... Aaaanyway, if you're looking for a map that truly pushes the engine to its limits, check this one out.

Now there's a big difference between making a map that pushes a game to its limits and making an outstanding map. Not that this map is bad, but it certainly has a lot of room for improvement. My first thought about this map was that maybe the author made it a little too big for his attention span. For instance some of the areas have some really nice brushwork and overall architecture, while others are really very bland, architecturally. This can sometimes even be seen in the span of a single room -- half the room is really wicked-looking, and the other half looks like first-map architecture.

My second real bit of grief with this map is the lighting, which seems somewhat sub-par to me. It's not bad lighting, it's just not very realistic or smooth. Could be a JK2 thing, though. I don't play it or get to review maps for it all that often, so I'm not up on the big differences between JK2 and JK3 mapping. The lighting only really bothered me a couple times in some of the areas where it was really dark, or in some of the areas where light from another room was seeping beneath a seamless wall.

Let's stop with the negatives though, shall we? This map certainly deserves props for being so huge with so much in it. If you can even find all of the locations, I don't imagine it's going to bore you very quickly. There's plenty to look at and plenty to find, and none of the rooms seem remotely similar to each which, in this case, is a good thing, as it keeps everything fresh and interesting. I wouldn't recommend this map for any type of series combat gameplay, though. You'd get so lost you'd never find an opponent!

But with all I can say about it, the screenshots I took should speak more for the map's ingenuity and innovation. There was simply too much there for me to remember too many details! And just for the record, I don't claim to have found every area, if that tells you anything about the sheer acreage of this map. Overall a very nice map. Definitely a download recommendation for JK2 map enthusiasts, if you can spare the bandwidth!

There are some changes to this Jedi Academy version, although most of it seemed to either be content changes or small almost unnoticible changes. The lighting does seem a little better, though. Still a map well worth picking up!

Bot Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Mods: ffa, tffa, ctf


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Download '' (49.53MB)

Grand Jedi Skills: *Flaw Stories v2 - MULTIPLAYER MAP - JkA - FFA - CTF

Title			: Grand Jedi Skills: *Flaw Stories V2 (final)
GAME			: Jedi Knights Jedi Academy
For			: the *Flaw clan (

Author			: S. Robinson (Boddo)
Website			:

File Name		: grandflawv2.pk3
File Size		: 50 MBytes
Date Released	: sept-4th '07

Are you ready, to advance to the next level of the game?
Grand Jedi Skills:*Flaw Stories (Final)
Preamble; Finishing this map, i present you with the insanley awsome grandflawv2.
considerd a new map in its own right due to the large drastic and extensive changes,
game flow is totaly renovated and renewed.
Board the *flaw station and battle in all enviroments imaginable

or embark on the quest to figure out why door in the main lobby is locked...  ?
Overcome the challenges to take back the streets 

Night and day in one map. - change over an elapsed time
Dynamic race track - ?? you say? yeah, once you start it, you are locked into a track and locked out of the upper downtown streets.
custom music composed by Schwink
area lit ambience audio sounds - caves, rain, wind etc...
challenge based reward system - first to complete a challenge receives points, finish one to unlock the next
Rail slide system - been working on this since my first map, its not as constrictive or as controlling, but I think it can be fun this time around ;-P
cel shading
-this map wrang the neck of the compiler

Custome Music: Yes - Original score produced for GrandJediSkills by Schwink!(
Custom Textures/Shaders: Yes
Support/Info: FFA, CTF
bot support: Yes
Secrets: Yes
challenges: duh
Custom sounds: yes
Bugs?!: YES! - had to pull just about every trick in the book to get this to compile!
  - can see rooms or other things in the sky occasionaly from different spots
  - some other misc glitches

-map differs from jk2 counterpart slightly in certain areas.
-Challenges difficulty ranges from intermediate, to advanced difficulty.
* for mappers;
included in this pk3 is the, for educational purposes.
open with gtkradient 1.5, because gtkradient 1.4 will garble this map file.
if you want to copy structures from this map, give credit where credit is due.

compile: -light -fast -patchshaddow -samples 3
Contruction time: about 2 weeks, v2 changes addons, about 3 weeks
total Brushes: around 8200 (original grandflaw was around 3800)
default textures: about 2%
my custom textures: about 98%
all original brushwork, no prefab models

TEXTURES BY: boddo/s.robinson. theres a few remade default base textures, you will know them when you see them.

Programs used:
Gimp (the Gnu image manipulation program)
GtkRadient 1.5
Inkscape - open source vector graphics program

extract to your GameData\base folder under jkA game directory, and it is selectable among the usual Multiplayer maps as grandflawv2.

Thanks to:
Schwink for composing this awsome track!
Acrobat, hinting/portal optimizations -- skybox for the streets and suggestions
Skybox main area and industrial area textures originaly by: Mighty Pete ! -- remade by me\boddo to include structures and work better with my custom night shader
*Darkgod - suggestions
*M3/Distortedvoice - temp web storage

this map nor nor is in any way affiliated with lucas arts or georgy lucas, raven and whoever else made these great games.

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