For an early skin, this is quite good. It's nice to see a skinner come up to a model, and think "how can I make this my own" rather than "ho...


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For an early skin, this is quite good. It's nice to see a skinner come up to a model, and think "how can I make this my own" rather than "how can I recolor this to look cool". Manganiac did just that - he made this skin his own. Personally, it gets extra bonus points from me for not being a recolor. You can clearly see where new pieces were added and changed, with more than just the hue and saturation tools. The torso and lower sections are almost completely reskinned, and the effect is quite stunning in-game, though it does look somewhat busy out of game.

The thing that really brings this skin to life is the working shader. A lot of authors include shaders that don't work, because they don't know how shaders themselves function, but this skin has a fully functional shader that gives the skin's armor - and his skin - a bit of a shine. As a result, he looks tough and ready for action. I'd suggest this skin to any Desann fans out there. It even has Desann's soundset, so nothing is really lacking here. The team skins are even good looking. Definitely have a look.

Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: No NPC Support: No


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This is skin for JKA

Release Date: 
Ouctober. 2, 2005

Eduardo / Manganiac


Programs Used: 
photoshop 7.0.1, ModView 2.5, WinZip 8.1 and a lot of notepad ;)

Installation Instructions:
Place the file graydragon.pk3 in the base directory in your jedi academy folder. 

To uninstall, just delete the graydragon.pk3 file from the base directory.

Description: this is my first "released" skin, It was first supposed to be in some way related to Bahamut
the all mighty Dragon God, but I don't have (yet) enough knowledge to make something worth the name "Bahamut",
so it was supposed to be just some great Dragon, but I never got to make all the changes I wanted, so it would be called
Silver Dragon but yet, it's like first skin, so I better start from the bellow (wich includes my ego) so it will only be called
graydragon, got bot support, team, u can't say voice couse I just used the sounds of the old nice bad Desann
the little I've learned about shaders I've added (except by glow...).
If this Reskin suits at last the Desann fans I'll be glad.

Thanks to Kurt Kman Smith for making such great model as Samus Aran (weird? think of it as my trigger ^^
that model is inspiring), Sabergirl for a clean tutorial that covers just enough to make someone actually
start tryng to model.
of course: Lucas Arts for making such a fun inspiring game and the Quake3 programers, none of these would be possible without them.
and all modelers out there tryng their best to bring their favorit characters into this fun universe.
and at last but not least, thanks to who ever created Bahamut, I own this person a peace of myself.

If you are gonna modify/reskin this skins, pls contact me on ... nevermind this is reskin already...


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